Well I've Messed Up!!

Well where to start, im 15 weeks and 1 day, I've only really just started to accept im pregnant. Im 22 and just got a.new job well two months ago, and I also suffer with m.e. Becoming pregnant was a massive shock as I found out through a polycystic ovaries test. I'd only just started a relationship with the father, been together bout two months and we're going to start.telling everyone. When he found out he told me he couldn't be with me if I had the.baby. And that he can't afford amother baby.as he already has a daughter from a one night stand. What hurts and makes me feel ashamed is.that he fought for.rights to see his daughter, but im being treated like a.****. when I had my scan the only thing he could do was.question the dates and.said they were wrong. I told him their.was no one else.and and haven't heard from him since. I havent even told my family because im so ashamed of how.im being treated. I want to keep this.baby though as I thought I.couldn't have children im just worried about what people will think of me. Just can't believe he would b so harsh I really
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You will be okay! <br />
Babies dont need a father, they just need good people in their lives. <br />
You dont deserve to be treated badly, if he continues, i suggest writing him out of your life, you dont need to put up with that while going through this. <br />
Also I suggest telling your family... I thought my family would be mad, but they suprised me and are completely supportive of my decision to be a single mom, they even respect me more for not having an abortion. I think if you tell people, you will find you have more support than you think you have, and wont feel so alone in this... Good luck girl!

I know you'll be strong! Just don't think about other people now: you will have a baby and this is a gift of life to you.<br />
I also know that the world has plenty of guys who are capable to respect you and love you.You are so young!<br />
And,by the way...this guy sucks...he's absolutely immature!<br />
I wish you the best! Congrats on your pregnancy *

that suck but keep your head up. over all he cant just walk away you can still sue for child support. there are guy out there that can be a holes and then there are guy that will a one night stand and stay.... hell i would date you if you lived close enuft:) keep your head up. you do need to tell your family soon. guy can be stupid some time. add me