I Am 22, Pregnant And Just Getting Out Of An Abusive Relationship... Confused. :(

I am a 22 year old college student. I am close to graduating with only a year and a half left and I am now 8 weeks pregnant. The potential father of this baby is no longer in the picture, but knows that i'm pregnant. I am extremely confused because my ex and I had an abusive relationship and I'm concerned that if I bring a baby into this world that abuse may continue into my child's life. The last thing i want to do is put my child at risk for abuse. I am also concerned because of what my friends may think since they didn't know that i was still seeing him. I feel so ashamed, but my parents know even though I wasn't going to tell them at first. They want me to get an abortion because it would put me on the path towards a better future and life for myself. They also don't like my ex because of his physical abuse towards me nor do they want me to be pregnant; I don't necessarily want to be pregnant either. Part of me wants to keep the baby, and I just found out there may be 2 babies not just one, but the other part knows my life is going to change completely. I am already lonely since our break up was recent and I don't want my relationship with my friends to change or end, leaving me more lonely except the fact that i'll possibly have 2 to take care of. However, I am financially unstable and my parents will not support me if I decide to keep these babies. I want to take responsibility for my careless actions, but I also don't think it's a good idea to have babies with a man who can be very violent. I feel maybe I'm considering everyone else and what they'll think of me without truly considering myself and what I want. I'm sure I can raise them myself, but it's going to be extremely difficult. I won't be able to provide for them everything that I know they deserve to have, like a family, a father, a college education and other needs. I'm scheduled to get an abortion tomorrow using the abortion pill, but I'm afraid I'll hate myself forever. I just don't know what to do. :(
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I've just been reading this post because it is basically exactly the same as my situation, and I'm absolutely disgusted by the responses. Not one of you has considered the young woman before offering your needy pushy against abortion ideas, how dare you!! If you lot can't conceive then maybe that is God's way to say you shouldn't be parents! Accept that you either waited too long or were intended to do others things such as help other vulnerable people in society, such as women of domestic abuse/violence. If you would push your own children to carry on into pregnancy when she is terrified of the partner she got pregnant by JUST to honour what catholic priests think is right/wrong to do, then I really doubt that your God will be sitting back watching that with pleasure.....! Instead of offering this woman caring advice that could protect her from her most vulnerable position, you are all yapping at her ankles making her feel guilty for even considering escape from such an ordeal. It's heartbreaking, I really think a lot of you should take a long hard look at yourselves in the mirror!!

Hi, I hope I'm not to late...We are a married couple couple looking to help a pregnant mom to be. Please read my story and see if it maybe what your looking for...Julie

Please spare the innocent being,warent you told the rejected stone became the corner stone.i would rather adopt them.peace

I hope you changed your mind! I know what your going through but give it a chance!!

I can sympathize with the difficult situation you sound like you are in. And, truly I appreciate your concern for this baby (or babies!) to have a good life and be in a stable environment. That is so wonderful. I would plead with you not to have the abortion…life is so precious. My wife and I talked about this and we would like to look into adopting your babies if you’d be willing to not go through with the abortion. We have a very happy, loving family with young children of our own and would love to have these babies join our family. We believe that life is the most precious, gift from God and would give these children a nurturing and loving home to grow up in. Please send me a message before you go through with the abortion tomorrow.

Please don't do it, babies are blessings intentional or not. And blessings never come at the wrong time. Don't care about what other ppl have to say whats important is you were strong for ur baby/babies. be strong, after everything u'll be stronger and wiser than ever. Make their judgements a reason to strive harder. God bless.