So Alone And Lost

Today I am 17 weeks pregnant this baby was a little unexpected but in time me and my fiancé were planning our wedding around my due date. He's in the military so we were planning a fall wedding but actually getting married this month, so I could get on his insurance. My life was finally coming together. I have a daughter who is from a past relationship and we are still friends. I have custody of but her dad is very loving, just irresponsible. Few weeks ago my fiancé went out with some friends and didn't call or text all night.( we were getting a house so we don't live together). And after that he was acting very strange found out he was talking to a girl all night and they had been spending lots of time together. He hasn't tried to contact me at all I try talking but he avoids me. I've been crying for weeks I'm trying so hard to be strong for my daughter. But it's so hard. I don't know how I'm gonna raise two kids semi- alone.
Faith1025 Faith1025
Nov 28, 2012