I Dont Care Anymore!

well, its almost 5am from where Im from, and I cant sleep again after dreaming about my baby:s daddy who is now with another girl and wants nothing to do with us. so while i was just lying on my bed i felt the baby move. then i wondered if i held my belly if i would feel him/her with my hand
then he/she kicked, twice! and i startd crying, i realized how much the BD doesnt matter anymore. i just want my little baby in my arms im so excited to hold him/her. i love him/her alreadyy. :') ♥
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You sound like a strong young woman when you say "you realised how much the BD doesnt matter anymore". Good on you, its true if the BD doesnt want to be a part of your or even your baby's life then his better off not involved :) I'm going through the same thing were I had a fight with my BD at 18 weeks, I kicked him out and he left, he hasn't contacted me for a week now. Finding it hard to go through pregnancy alone and possibly he could be out meeting girls etc while I'm at home staying strong for me and my little one. I've read forums that it is only temporary how we feel now but when they baby is here we will be too happy and busy to care about the loser BD! Hopefully it works out in our case seeing as we are strong women.

Thanks ballen :)

Thank you Claire for sharing and thank you Brian for support. It's nice to hear it from a man. I'm 27 weeks with a baby boy and my BD is not in the picture. You are absolutely right, we don't need losers BDs around. No point to waste time. There are a lot of good men out there to make them happy

I know how it feels, except I am much younger than you and my family kicked me out, If you need someone to talk to just message me, anytime :)

I cannot view ur profile, i think its cause of your settings. msg me! :)

will do and i'll have to check my settings

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