Pregnant, Single And Confused.

I am 22 years old and I'm 9 weeks pregnant. My unborn child's father broke up with me over a little argument but when I tried to work things out he said "Whats done is done" and he has doubts the baby is his. Its only been a week but this week has been so hard. No communication to one another and now i'm scared that I'm going to be alone through this.
The thing is we were only dating a few weeks when I got pregnant, strangely this child was planned! I dated this guy in highschool. Now I am just scared that he wont ever look for me. He looked like he wanted this baby just as much as I did. I guess I was wrong. Will he ever come around?
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Your story is the closest to mine. I am 25 and 8 weeks pregnant and the father switched a 180 one day and won't believe that the kid is his and wants nothing to do with me. He has agreed to pay child support when the baby is born after he sees a paternity test but will never take me back. I know deep down that I am so much better than him but I did love him and its really scary going through this alone. I keep telling myself that my friends and family are all me and my baby will need, but its still really rough. We can do this though! Much love sister

I hope you feel better and I know how you feel and what your going through. Funny enough I am going through the exact same thing. I only knew the BD for 3 months and we feel inlove and planned the pregnancy. We fought alot and I kicked him out and he left. He has not been in contact with me for a week now, no calls, txt or messages to see how I am or be civil for the baby's sake. Past arguments I would always ask him back even if he was in the wrong because the thought of my unborn child not having a father around hurt me so much. Now I feel excited and keeping myself strong for the little one. Once he/she is born we wont have time to feel sad and lonely. Well lets hope so anyway.

Chin up and if the BD doesnt come around then we are better off without them anyway! If I were a man in their shoes, I would do anything to be there for my child and childs mother. The men we have picked are just not man enough.

Stay strong and try to occupy your time with reading, internet and baby things. It seems hard knowing that BD is out there going out doing what they want and your pregnant at home but this is only temporary :)

It is so good to know that there are other strong women out there dealing with the same things I am. This experience will define who we are and be the most important experience in our lives! We will come out on top stronger than we could have imagined. Always focus on the amazing things to come and not on the negatives!

I believe things happen for a reason, good and bad, that baby was meant to be here. I know not in the way you want. Good things will happen for you. ..