Ever since my mom died my older brother and father havent been getting along well and so i have to live alone because they throw things around the house and it's really dangerous...anyway, i was going back to my apartment (i went to visit a friend at my old school) when i bumped into a old teacher of mine, we were both surprised to see each other and my teacher was really a nice guy...he invited me over for a cup of tea to his place and he asked me how i was doing and how my love life was and everything. it was a normal conversation and nothing seemed odd or anything until i tried to leave, he suddenly close the door and violently kissed my lips, i tried to push him away but he was so strong, he then somehow dragged me to his bed and nicely started to take my clothes off...after i was naked i tried to run again but he caught me and started touching me in a wrong way that i didnt like, then without a single warning he drove himself in me and raped me...i lost my virginity and i nearly went mentally sick...i told him to stop but he didnt listen, instead the more i told him to stop the more he became violent and told me i was a dirty ***** and then he came into my womb over and over again...after hours and hours torture and pain, he finally let me go and i ran to my apartment being sick and traumatized...several months later i decided to take a pregnancy test just in case...the results were positive...i was pregnant...i dont really have a lot of money and the apartment im living in right now was what my dad paid and i was just completely lost...i went to the hospital and i found out that i was four months and it was pretty difficult for an abortion...i still havent told my brother nor have i told my dad...im really scared...right now im about 5 and a half months into my pregnancy....help im really lost...i dont want this baby but every time i feel like the baby is moving a bit i become all teary and ask myself so many questions that i cant answer...somebody help me ( i never did like my teacher but the fact that he was a good teacher doesnt change)
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oh god, i am pregnant now and i thought i had a messed up life. i think you really need to report this, although my situation was not rape at all sometimes it sucks knowing who the father is. please keep in mind that that baby is yours! you are making you're baby and he is in you and feels you and already loves you. just think he or she is an angel and the baby deserves to live, if anything there is adoption available, remember there is women out there who would love a baby! good luck to you.

thank you but my father and brother can not know and adoption is not really easy in japan...(I'm japanese by the way and my teacher is an american/ british **** up) and reporting this event is really hard...again thank you everybody but...

Yes i agree to them..you need to report this and seek some help.your situation is really hard but you have to be strong dear especially for your baby

Oh my Goodness, that is sooo sad. Im sorry you went through that. You should report this and if you dont want the baby you can give it up for adoption.

I hope you reported this rape and if not you still can. People will support you and help you with the child. Could you try and speak to a counsellor or a professional who could give you advice / support, you have gone through a lot x