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All Things Point To Single And Pregnant (again...)

At age 19 I ended up Pregnant and Single. However, funny enough, I was stronger then vs. now. At that time my pregnancy made me a stronger person and just filled me with empowerment to get a better life and show the world that its OK to be a single mother.

Today, I'm 27. I am 17 weeks pregnant and feel the opposite from when I was 19 and pregnant. I feel like a total loser and a failure. I have been with my partner for 3 years... I truly love him and willing to fight for our relationship but I know our problems are only getting worse. Constant lies about all things he can lie about. We are not the same ppl as from when we first met. Im 100% sure that I need to just pack and walk away... but like I stated before, I'm scared, confused, and in panic about being a single mom again. My career life became a good one after my daughter but my love life was a mess. Most guys don't want to deal with kids that are not theirs...lets not mention two... and now by different dads.... Ugh...

Just would appreciate the support if anyone feels like they can relate or give positive advice.

Scared like He11

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You know what, you just cut him the fucck off. You might be pregnant again but u need to change ur mentality. A man that is meant for u would love your children. Just focus on urself right now because u dont need to attract the wrong guy. Join cooking classes and mommy support groups. Dont look for the guy, enjoy life without one because u want a man to make u shine not to be the source of light in your life.

I definitely feel your apprehension. I'm in a similar boat, just having found out I'm pregnant and I have 2 other kids. With the first I was much more confident. Financially, raising 3 kids alone, and paying for the birth of the upcoming one is crazy to think about. Hope all turns out well for you. I wish we could all enjoy pregnancies without the stresses of relationship issues and all!!

Well you did it the first time, why are you so worried about it this time? I had my first at 20 and then my daughter snuck in there at 21. I left their father because he was a piece of ****! was on my own for 7 years and had to work double to feed them because the POS didn't pay child support. I met a wonderful man at 30 and married him the relationship with him and my kids was rocky but it eventually worked out. I had 3 beautiful boys with this man over a 12yr period. Then he died and here I go all over again. I am scared and stressed but this is not a choice my babies need me to be strong for them as that baby needs you. If you are not happy walk.... no one is going to look out for you but YOU that is your priority and that baby. Best wishes I hope it all works out for you.

Whoa! Your situation hits home so close. I had my first at 19. Father no good I was very strong life with no help AT ALL from him. Now in my 30's I love my guy are LO due any day now, but our relationship has loads of complications. All I know and advice to give is follow your heart I think u might be more overwhelmed that its been so long since u done this and never thought u would be back in that position. Keep your head your kids need you and u never know ur relationship just may take a positive turn.

So I became pregnant at 19 after 2 yrs with my bf. Had my son at twenty. Like yiu say I felt so great and proud.The father and I married right before our son turned one. It only lasted a year and a half due to our immaturity. Feeling so lonely I dated like 4 months after my 5 yr relationship ended. We fell in love moved in together my son adored him. Needless to say our relationship ended and I find out I'm pregnant at 25 and single by another guy. My family is not supportive and make me feel ashamed. We never talk about my pregnancy or appointments. And my ex has been ignoring me for 2 weeks now...So alone and scared