I Am 28 Weeks Pregnant And Seperated..

It all started off as a young relationship I was 17yrs old and he was 27. I fell for him right away! he was my first real boyfriend. about 2 months in out relationship he confesssed to me that he had two kids by different girls. I could not believe it, but i stayed...when i saw the kind of father he was to his daughter I fell even more for him I saw how of a good father he was and I just loved the idea that one day maybe he could be the father to my children, ignoring the fact that he was broke, he lived with his parents, he had a 2 year old daughter and had a 10 yr old son. as our relationship kept going I found out he was cheating on me with his 2nd babys mother. I was devastated. i left him for a couple weeks then he looked for me and i decided to get back with him he promised and said many things....a week had not even gone by when i saw the real him, he was drunk one night and he abused me physically and verbally outside a bar! worst part I didnt even do nothing to him, he was mad at his 1st babys mother. by then it was clear to me that he didnt care about our relationship i pressed charges and found out he had two past violations of family domestic violence..i was done!...i dont know why but about a month later i took him back he promised me he had changed he promised he was not gonna drink anymore and promised to forget all about his past and to start fresh with me, i forgave him once again! we started to live together by july 2011 by febuary 2012 we got married, 2 months later we decided to try and have a baby. I got pregnant july 2012. I thought I have everything, he had changed and treated me differently. we lived with my mom at the time. when i was 5 months pregnant I told him we needed our own place. By this tme i was not working because I got really sick with morning sickness i had to quit my job. he was the only one working we decided to rent on our own and thats when we started to have problems again, he was upset because it is his first time paying bills in his whole life! he is now 29 years old and acts, talks, and treats me like he is in high school. I feel like he does not do well with having responsibilities. He has been disrespecting me so much verbally i just cant take it anymore. He doesnt show ihe is no where concerned about my pregnancy. I dont know what to do anymore he works out of town and He goes out to bars, and drinks overthere everytime we talk on the phone he starts to curse at me and disrespect me. Im to the point where I feel he does not love me. I've tried to make him understand that I dont like his actions but he just doesnt care. I told him I needed time to think and he needed to think about what he wants and the reason why he is acting the way he is acting. I feel lonely. I feel so sad. All I want is a family for my baby. Somebody help me and tell me what I should do...
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Hang in there!! It sounds like you are better off on your own, as overwhelming as that may feel. But as you have your whole life ahead of you and with a baby you don't need to be drug down by negativity and violence. Stay strong. I had to leave my oldest daughter's dad right after she was born due to his poor behavior that just wasn't safe for me or the baby and I'm thankful that I did. Being with someone negative will only make you feel bad about yourself. Your baby will need you to be strong and confident!! Love and light to you!

thank you so much for your words..and i will try my best to be strong!