I am 23 about to be 24. I have two kids, a 6yr old boy, and a 4 yr old girl. Im no longer with their father. We divorced almost two years ago. Im now 15wks prego. I was with the man that i met from work. He was so amazing the first few months we was together. Then he turned into a monster. He is addicted to drugs and is very verbally and physically abusive. We split up a few months ago due to him hurting me. Then outta my stupidity I went back to him. Now Im pregnant by him. One day he cusses and is mean to me and doesnt want me nor the baby and then the next day he loves us and wants to be a family! I dont want to be with someone like that. So i dont have nothing to do with him anymore, and ofcourse he doesnt care. So i have to go to my dr. appointments alone. I feel so embarrassed when i go. There is other couples there and it makes me so sad that Im alone and that my baby wont have a father. I have a job as a cna but wont be able to keep it long due to I cant lift that much anymore because of me being pregnant. I have no support from my family. (no support what so ever) Im very stressed because I dont know what to do, I have noone to turn to. Im so sad most of the time. Were i work so much Im always so tired and my kids spend alot of time with their dad where Im always so tired and working. I dont have a place of my own either. I have to live with somoene. I just wish that I had some support. I would love to have that special someone to share this special time with me. Someone to rub my feet, belly, back..or just to hold and cuddle me, or just someone to kiss. It would be so nice to have that. Noone never calls or txt me to see how me or the baby is doing. Its just lonely. I try my best to stay positive and keep my head held high..but that is so hard to do sometimes. I get so teary (in a good way) when i see little baby outfits or baby stuff! Im super stressed about being in the delievery room alone. Im so scared. If anyone has any tips or advice please feel free to share. Im sorry to be Debby Downer..I just needed a place to vent. I have noone to talk to. I really hope one day I find someone that will love me and my kids and treat us how we deserve to be treated. Everyone deserves to be loved and to have someone. Please say a prayer for me and my little family. I will say a prayer for all of you as well. Thanks for reading and the support. I wish all of you the best of luck!
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I just read your story written a few months ago... how are you doing? I hope you have gotten the support you need!

If you ever want to talk,message me, you're not alone . I'd love to talk to you anytime
I hope you're doing well..

Well I'm always here if you want to vent!:)

Hi, I read your story and almost cried. I don't know if we are what you would be interested in but plz read my profile and let me know.You can also call or text me n we can talk..863-605-5146

Just keep the faith sweetheart. God never puts more on a person than they can bare.

Hey, well our wishes are with you.