What to do? How am I going to do this by myself? I'm 6 months pregnant and my boyfriend left me for someone who used to be one of my best friends... We were together for 3 years besides a brief split in August 2013 to January 2014. When we got back together I was ecstatic, he's all I wanted the whole time we were apart anyway. We broke up because of a lot of things but mainly because I was tired of getting lied to. I was always the breadwinner. I worked and he stayed home with my 2 sons. I didn't mind at first but I always wanted to be a stay at home wife and mom...I wanted him to work and me to be able to be there everyday with my kids. My sons loved him and he loved my sons...we were so happy and for the first time I felt I was actually in love!! Well 9 months into our relationship I went to Dallas with his family to have a bachelorette party for his aunt. We went to a male ***** club and got ****** up!!! He made me go and if was happy I went because I ended up having a lot more fun than I thought I would. Well I come home the next day and he wasn't home so I went over to a friends after my kids got dropped off by their grandma. I kept calling him and calling him waiting for him to answer my calls and come to my friends house so I could tell him how much fun I had. He came finally and he was pale and looked like he was wearing makeup on his neck. I really didn't pay too much attention though because right when he got out of the car he started a fight with me. He was jealous of the pictures I had took with one of the strippers too. I don't remember why we fought or what it was about but 2 1/2 months later I figured out why. So we go home and he ignores me the rest of the day. I had no idea why he was acting like this. All I wanted to do was tell him about how much fun I had and he didn't really seem to want to hear it. The next month me and my sister went on a 3 hour road trip to see my friend Anna!! We took the kids and made the drive all by ourselves. I was so proud that we made it on our own because I've never drove that far before without some kind of man to make me feel safe if I got lost lol. So we stayed the night and had a nice visit. I hadn't seen Anna in years and it was great to be able to see her and meet her son. Well on the way home the next day my boyfriend called me constantly...to the point my sister wanted to beat his ***. He kept asking where are you...are you here yet...how long is it gona take...well I get home and he's excited to see me!!! We have sex and he acts like I've been gone for years!! I loved it when he was like that to me. A lot of times he was really jealous and never wanted me to go anywhere without him. He wanted me to be with him every second of every day. Fast forward to the next month and him and his best friend get into a fight. His BESTFRIEND, Patrick and Patricks girlfriend had broken up a week before and my boyfriend all of a sudden hated her, more than he already had...Patrick stayed with us during the breakup and we tried to help him get through it. I never knew what happened he would only tell me she cheated on him with a really close friend. So my mind starts turning and I ask my boyfriend, was it you cuz you're like his only friend. He denied it and I believed him because I knew how much he hated her. Ok so now it's the fight...I don't know what him and Patrick were fighting over but the next thing I know I get a message on Facebook from Patrick saying: You are with a *******, the reason me and T ( we'll call her T ) broke up is because when you went to Dallas he ****** her and he's too scared to tell you. So that ensued a huge fight with me throwing my pop at him, kicking him out, and never wanting to see him again!! He cried but now looking back I know they were fake tears. And he grabbed my wrists trying to make me stay...I calked his mom and told her to help him get his stuff because he cheated on me and her and his dad came over...I was in tears...how could he do this to me? Not him...the guy who had helped me through the suicide of my kids dad...the guy who promised me he would never hurt me...the guy who loved me...well his parents tried to get us to calm down and talk about it but I was through...I hated him. And keep in mind before all of this happened I was getting ready to go see my "BESTFRIEND" ( Ricki ) because her husband had just died. I should have known he was narcissistic then and that he never really cared about me or my kids because he chased me out to my car begging me to stay with him and asking if I was still going to help him pay back somebody he owed money...and the whole time he acted as though he was mad at me for being mad about about it. His sorrys were fake, I could tell he had no emotion, he didn't care how bad he hurt me. So I go to Rickis and try to help her through her situation, without being really upset about mine. It was a horrible night. One of my friends, rickis husband, had just died and my relationship with the love of my life was shattered...well I called him a couple of times that night and I was crying and I just wanted to know if he really loved me how could he do that to me. Which apparently made him mad cuz he kept hanging up on me. I couldn't understand why he just couldn't own up to it and apologize. He never once said I'm so sorry baby, I understand how this hurts you will you forgive me? Until a couple of days later but even then I didn't feel it was sincere because I pretty much told him that's what I needed to hear. So I couldn't stand being without him, I loved him too much so we got back together. In a way I felt it made our relationship stronger because I knew I never wanted to lose him. Well him and Patrick hated each other after I found out because I wanted to kill T. Somehow I got it in my mind it was all her fault because she's a ****, she really is lol, and I knew my boyfriend was ****** up so I figured it was an accident and I would let it go. But I couldn't let it go with her, I seen her outside of a store and opened up her car door and kicked her a couple times and threw my cigarette in her face and all she did was sit there...I couldn't bring myself to drag her out of the car and kick her *** cuz for some reason seeing her like that and seeing her scared of me made me feel sorry for her. So I get in my car and left. A couple of weeks later she keeps texting my boyfriend off Patricks phone talking **** about me and I called her and she says I don't even know why you're with him. He cheated on you with me but he also cheated on you with my sister when y'all were first together and when you went to see your friend last month we seen him with Katie at her house. Well I was livid...I hung up with her and immediately the fight was on. I don't know if any of it was true and I still don't...he will never admit to anything unless He knows he can't get away with it. Well months go on and we decide to stay together...I was still working and he was still watching the kids...he had a younger friend who had a pregnant teenage girlfriend and her friend KK who was always with her. I guess I never really knew what went on at my house while I was at work...because all of a sudden KK started acting really weird around me, like she was scared of me. Well I was at the house one day when KKs ex who was friends with my boyfriend came over to hang out with us. We start talking about wat was going on with him and KK and he says she's a cheater that's why we broke up and he started his sentence and stopped in the middle and said no I don't want to tell you cuz I don't want to be the one who breaks up a family...so immediately my stomeache dropped and I knew he meant her and my boyfriend had sex. I kept asking him but he would never tell me and my boyfriend shows up and I grill him and he acts like I'm crazy so I just let it go...well a couple of weeks later I went to the restaurant that was behind our house and KKs pregnant friend worked there and she told me about KK and my boyfriend having sex while I was at work. So I go home...Big fight and we broke up. He denied and I wanted to believe him and I didn't want to ask KK because I didn't really want to know the truth. Well, he was doing a lot of drugs at the time and after this whole KK thing blew up my boyfriends mom made him go to rehab. Well I was confused on whether to stay with him or not. I loved him and I wanted to believe him but I knew better. I knew in my heart he had cheated on me again. So I start hanging out with one of my guy friends Rob while my boyfriend was in rehab. At first Rob was supposed to be a **** so I could feel better about my boyfriend cheating on me but he quickly became more. He was everything my boyfriend wasn't. I had fun with him, he would stay up all night and talk with me...he wanted to go out and have fun with me and my boyfriend didn't do any of that. The sex sucked with Rob but it wasn't even about that anymore. It was about feeling wanted and being treated way better than I had been. Well soon the whole town found out about me and Rob including my boyfriends family. I was torn tho...do I stay with a guy I love and my kids love but treats me bad and cheats on me or do I get with Rob who treats me good and treats me with respect and we have fun with each other? My kids missed my boyfriend while he was in rehab and I did too and they didn't want to be around Eob cuz they didn't understand it. And I shouldn't have brought him to our house and I know that. I was just thinking about my needs at the time. Well my boyfriend got out of rehab and was staying with family in the city and He wanted to see me and the kids when he got out so we went and stayed the weekend. He was kinda an *** like he usually is...I kept comparing him to Rob and I shouldn't have so at the end of the weekend I told him That I cheated on him. He went crazy...I think he started to realize he couldn't just treat me any way he wanted and expect me to be with him. We decided we were gona work it out but I couldn't help my self from seeing Rob went I got back to town. My boyfriend stayed in the city for a month to try to stay clean. Eventually when he came back I stopped seeing Rob and we worked on our relationship. My boyfriend started treating me better than he ever had. He wanted to talk to me and to listen to me and spend time together which he had never done before. Things went good for awhile. I was happy to be with the new him and he was happy with me and I eventually forgot about Rob. Well time went on and he started to act the way he did before, getting really jealous of my coworkers, he got banned from my work it was that freakin bad, he would run around with his friends, do drugs, never talk to me and never let me hang out with my friends. We broke up on and off. It was April 2013 when another round of accusations of him cheating and trying to cheat came about...apparently he was texting his friends mom saying she was sexy and saying he would **** her and while we were at my cousins this cute little girl was there and he asked her friend if he got the girl dope if she would **** him...and just like him deny deny deny...all the way. By this time I was literally going crazy from everything. I was so tired of hearing about him cheating or trying to cheat...it's like every time I talked to anybody something has happened and my boyfriend was trying to **** somebody. So I stayed with him, stupid me. We got into a fight one day and I told him Rob cared for me so much more than he ever did and I should have just stayed with him. I said it to get back back at him because he called me a **** because I was hanging out with my guy friend and he didn't know where I was...but honestly I was scared to tell him where I was cuz I knew he would have just bitched me out. I got bitched out everyday for something. Either talking to a guy or sitting by one or looking at one or one of my old man customers friending me on Facebook. So anyways we broke up. The next night we spent together, we apologized and like always I thought we were gona get back together. He told me he had to go to another town with his family so I said ok you know. And I go to my grandmas and she tells me my boyfriend told my sister he got a bus ticket and was headed to Galveston Texas. So I call him flipping out and I said why didn't you tell me. He said he just couldn't. I hang up on him and try to figure what the hell is going on. How does he expect me to work and take care of the kids and keep a job and he didn't even talk to me about this...he just hopped on a bus and left!!! So I lose my house cuz I'm so depressed... We stay together and make plans for me to move down there... But the thoughts of him cheating on me keep creeping in my head so I ask him before I move down there if hell please just tell me the truth...he doesn't so I end up facing my fear and asking KK and she says yes they did and she never meant to hurt me or my kids. Long story short...we broke up for good. Until he comes back from Galveston in September...we kinda start talking again we never talked about him cheating on me or any of it. We start having sex but don't get back together until October he texted and said I want to be with my family you and the kids are my family that's the only reason I came back...so we get back together and a couple of days later he goes out of town for the weekend to his friends. I was worried he was gona leave me and he said don't worry I love you I want to be with you and only you. So he gets back Sunday and he's really distant he doesn't want to see me or anything...after a couple of days of ignoring me I go to look at his Facebook and he has unfriended me and has a pic of him and a girl eating breakfast at his moms house. Why I didn't get over him then I don't know. I was heartbroken...well after he's had his fun dating a couple of girls we get back together in January. I should have seen all of this coming. I never thought he was so heartless. And I've come to realize he's a narcissist and he can never actually love anybody...but rafts a whole other story if I want to get into everything he does and has done to others that makes him narcissist. But anyways we get back together. Everything is great. We agree this time, no cheating, no secrets, were in it for the best or worst. We have a great first couple of months, we find out I'm pregnant in march. I was scared but he was so excited!!! All our relationship he wanted a kid of his own and he was just so happy and I was in a way too despite being scared. He gets a good job, his parents get us in a house that we would eventually own and they get him a car...last month. Well I don't know when it started maybe a month ago he slowly started changing. He didn't want to spend time with me...he was always with his friends, he was doing meth, and I pretty much just felt like a pregnant burden to him. It's like he didn't care what I felt like. He couldn't handle my emotions and he didn't realize that he was the one making me feel that way. I felt like he didn't love me...like he was scared of all this responsibility he was scared of having a kid...and I felt alone...he would never take me to do anything...I was stuck at the house with the kids and he would go off drinking or doing drugs...me and my kids just didn't matter... So Sunday we got into a fight because he was out all weekend...he kicks me and my kids out of our house...and the next day is with Ricki, the girl who was my BESTFRIEND... I don't understand it...I don't know how it happened...he used to hate her because she's on meth and doesn't take care of herself...he has her living in our house with her kids...while me and my kids and his baby in my belly are kicked to the curb barely getting by I don't know him anymore...I really can't believe he has done all of this...I do know if it's the drugs or if it's just his narcissistic self coming out or if it's cuz he just can't handle all of this pressure of taking care of his family and having a kid I don't know...all I do know is I'm mad as hell... I can't be treated like that and I won't let my kids either... He's going to ruin his life but that's his problem and hers too...I just really want someone to talk to about all of this...has any of you ever had this happen or been in a relationship with a person like him
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Aug 17, 2014