What? Why Is That a Goal of Yours?

I am not crazy, I just think I'd be better off not "obligating" any man who was my friend/lover to hang around. My mother was single until I was three and my adoptive father has ownership issues with us both.

Me and my future child can and will be OK alone and if the day comes when a good person wants to join our family, then, *cheers*...but....

It's not a requirement and I won't get myself "into the condition" without an excellent support circle and a kind man as the father.

Trust me.

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My deepest wish is that I do have time.

That is a deal my darling, I promise...auntie AW! It won't happen until I'm an American resident, anyway. I thought I'd be there by Xmas, but :(

It's a goal, darling. x

He can walk away and still be a dad, or "uncle" or whatever, just would like him to be a presence and a visitor in the child's life.<br />
Every parent believes their kid's perfect and you know what...they are absolutely entitled to think so. x

wait for that "kind man" to be the father.... my son's father turned out to be a real disappointment...not a good thing, I guess he did have good ***** though as I do have a "perfect" son... (ok, I am a little biased...hehehe!!!! *wink*)

Being a momdad myself, I agree that it's challenging but well worth it.

Being a mom is awarding and challenging but it worth it.

as one of three children from a single mother... it ain't gonna be easy ... but it's doable and like Conan says "What does not kill us.. makes us stronger"<br />
<br />
Always be stronger

in the dark ages you would have been stone but today its ok to have a child there are some good men out fhere some where; few but keep your chin up

As ong as you and your child are doing ok then everything will be ok-hugs