I'm 30 and recently found out I'm pregnant. I have two kids and I got pregnant from a close friend who I wasn't in a relationship with. I battle a drug addiction that had ruined my life. The day I found out I was pregnant I was able to give up my life as a drug addict and be clean and sober it's been about a month or so now... and I'm still clean and becoming stronger in my sobriety and my relationship with the Lord... About two days before I had an ultrasound and found out how far along I am the father was killed. Never knowing that I am pregnant from him. I'm sad yet I feel blessed. It's hurting me inside knowing he won't ever be able to hold his child I know he would have been happy about having a baby although we were only friends. What bothers me the most is I'm not sure how my child is gonna react to knowing he or she doesn't have a dad. Also I know his family is mourning his death but right here in my stomach I carry a part of their son and they are not supportive as a matter of fact they asked me not to tell people that he is the father until the baby is born and a paternity test has confirmed it... but I feel like once they are sure they will be very supportive the problem is I need to know they support me now why should I give them that respect when they don't respect the fact that I'm telling them the truth. It really bothers me esp precisely cause I know them as very nice people who really live their children. But I won't let that change how I feel about this lovely blessing I have growing in my tummy... thank you for letting me share my experience. . .
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congrads. if you need to talk i be willing to listen.