Pregnant At 14 With Twins

My name is Sydney and I'm am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant with twins. My boyfriend and I were together 10 months before we had sex. We broke up 2 weeks later and that was about a month ago. I told him 3 weeks after we had sex that I still haven't gotten my period. He told me that I was stupid and a **** and told me that the any couldn't be his. The next day after he was all calmed down he talked to me about it. He told me he would be there for me no matter what but he really urges me to get an abortion. I really didnt want to get one since this is my baby inside me and i couldn't imagine killing it. After that day, everytime I gave him updates on like what I'm going through and how my body Is changing and he told me that I was just stupid and crazy. During that time I took 2 pregnancy tests that I got from people I knew and they both came out positive. I told him and he told me that they were false positives. I didn't tell my mother until yesterday. She was really disappointed but she accepted the fact that it happened. She called the doctor and pushed them to get me in right away. I went there and had a professional test and it came out positive. I then went right away to get and ultrasound. That's when I found out there was 2 embryos Inside me. I cried all that night and told the father. He still pushed me to get an abortion but this time I thought it could be the best option. I have a heart condition where blood has problems pumping through my heart and doing something strenuous like giving birth could kill me. I really havent decided if I should keep the babies or not.
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I am searching to adopt . 27 yr old elementary teacher with a 5 year old . If anyone is interested email. I live in the United States and an only intersted in adopting through the U.S.

it is a really good news you got twins .your very lucky because it happens rarely, but because of some heart trouble you cannot give birth to them .i am sorry about this. god will surely help you.

You and your boyfriend do not sound capable of raising children. If the doctors say it is safe to carry the babies then you should consider adoption to give them a good life.

KEEP THE BABIES! ITS NOT WORTH IT! God bless you with twins. ADOPTION. IS GOOD. Your boyfriend is a SISSY! If you old enough to have sex, your old enough to have children. Tell him that.Keep them PLEASE!

Life already has given to you such a "heavy" and difficult "task" at hand but just to let you know..that's just half of it. Despite all these challenges that you're facing right now; I admire you being so honest on the dilemma that you're having right now on whether to keep the babies or not. I know physically it's a tough decision for you to make but always bear in mind that for everything that happens to your life..there would always be solutions for them and I strongly believe that abortion is not the solution.You could always opt for C- section to not go through the stress of having to give birth thus compromising your life as well. These babies are yours and you don't want to live the rest of your life in regret.