I Am Ready.

Hey guys, I have been thinking & I am ready. Ready for those eyes to look at me. All that. (: My boyfriend and I can raise our baby & will do it right. Im young but responsible. &, im ready.
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You aren't ready to take care of a child sweetie. Take this advice from someone who has had to raise four siblings because my parents were gone every hour of every day. It isn't "fun" or "cute", IT IS HARD. Children cost much more than you think.

Honey, your not ready. Having a baby is so difficult! Even when your a little older. I had my son when i was 17. I thought i was ready so we werent really careful as to protection. We ended up pregnant, and we were so excited! Having a baby is a wonderful thing, but when its in the right time and with the right man. I know that feeling you have. You want to hold that little bundle of joy close to your heart and have your man behind you hugging you both. Its a great dream, but in reality when your that young, the guy is likely to leave. Many boys are not ready for that responsibility. They want to be able to go out whenever they want and not have to work to support you both. My ex was 19 at the time. Things turned sour after the baby was born, and now he doesnt see his son nearly as much as he should. I raise this child by myself. I am lucky i have parents who love and care for me. I domt have to worry too much about where our next meal is gonna come from or if im gonna have the money to buy diapers, but most parents wont support you, especially when you made the decision yourself. You have your whole life to grow up and be a mommy, you only have a limited amount of time to be a teenager and have fun! If your boyfriend and you love eachother so much, you have all the time in the world. Stay protected until you graduate from high school, both of you get a steady income, and a healthy place to call your own. If you guys are still together then and want to experience all the joys and pains that come with a child, go ahead! But think of the life the baby ould have before you go gettimg pregnant.

You are not ready. To be brutally honest, there is a high chance of you losing that baby because you are so young. how are you going to afford everything? Here in maine where i live, you have to be 15 to even get a workers permit but no one is going to hire you until your 16. where are you going to live? what are you going to do if your child gets sick? is teething and doesnt want to sleep? wont stop crying? wont eat? your baby daddy leaves you? I found out i was 2 months pregnant 4 days before my 15th birthday., and let me tell you...you want to wait. my daughter is almost two now and things are harder than ever. Don't think you know what you're doing because you don't. I raised my little cousin for almost 3 years and it still wasn't as hard as having my own child. It's not all giggles and baby clothes, it's hard dedication and you will be taking care of this child for the REST of your life. I am really not trying to be mean or anything, i am just trying to tell you. My baby daddy PROMISED and SWORE to me he was going to help me raise my daughter, but he has ignored her 18 out of 20 months of her life. things change and you get stuck doing it on your own.

thank you, wonderful comment and coming from someone who's been in her position maybe this girl will listen, i was 20 when my son was born and it was still hard, try finishing college with a 2 year old, i dont know how ur doin it girl but i have alot of respect for you, you seem like a good parent despite being so young.

Thank you. I wasn't trying to be rude or anything but you should know just as well as i do how hard it is. I don't have my mom (who had me when she was 20) because she took off when i got pregnant JUST like everyone else. She lives with her new boyfriend and I live with my grandparent's. The only time we speak is once a month when she has to transfer money into my account. It's hard being alone. But I have my GED; my license; and I am in college. But I always have to work around having a child. I can't afford day care. So I have to get a sitter and pay them money I DON'T have. I'm living off of 387$ a month that I get for child support which 1/2 the time I don't get cause my mom throws my a sob story and takes either some or all of it. This girl doesn't get how hard it is. & When I saw this I decided to post on the page she did and I told them my story and that made a 14 year old girl want a baby more! Some people just don't get how hard it really is smh.

tell me about it somehow i managed to finish college and im a nurse now, but it was SOOOOO hard. I don't thhink i slept at all through nursing school, not to mention you see all your friends still going out and having a good time and you can't because you cant afford it and you can't find a sitter! Does this girl want to miss prom, nd going to spring breakwith her friends in college, and going out on the weekends. All that ends when you have another life you're responsible for. I was 20 and married when i got pregnant, and i still wish i had waited a few more years. Kids are rough, they're rough on a relationship too, im now divorced, and its not my sons fault but having a small kid around didn't make things easier.

Yeah I hear yuh there. I never got to go to prom; or any school dances for that matter. I came back sophmore year pregnant. So by the time we had dances and everything I was already too big for a dress! It sucked seeing all my friends go out, meet guys, have fun, & my biggest thing was the drugs. I was smoking pot when I found out I was pregnant, and I quit immediately. But it still sucks when you can't go out and celebrate your best friends birthday or smoke a joint when you're stressed out. I'm not saying it wasn't worth it. But I was going from smoking an ounce a day and a pack of butts to nothing cold turkey. I did end up going out ONCE when I was pregnant and I went to a new years party and drank sunny d lol. No one ever wants to take my daughter unless she's sleeping and it sucks.

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after that baby is born your boyfriend will leave you for someone with perkier breasts, a flat stomach, and a tighter vagina, and then you will be raising that baby alone. If you are so responsible then whats the rush? If your boyfriend really loves you hes willing to wait till your older, if he really loves you you don't have to try to trap him with a kid in order to keep him, which won't work anyways, you're 14 go out with your girlfriends and enjoy the rest of your CHILDHOOD!!!

I wish you the best of luck!<br />
But I'm also going to tell you one thing, morning sickness, totally sucks. Trust me.

I am 30 years old. I had my daughter when I was 14. She is an amazing person. I finished school, went to college. Is it hard? Everyday. Was it worth it? Yes. It has defined who I am in so many ways, good and bad. I missed out on a lot. And still feel so much older than people my age. Still don't feel like I fit in anywhere. Friends my age have toddlers, others who are older have teenagers like I do. It's hard to relate fully to either age group so you kinda just try to fit in the middle and try to remember who you are. It's also kinda weird that everywhere we go people think I'm her big sister. But I'm open and honest with her about all of it. I answer any and all questions she has about what it's been like. And I let her know how special she is every day. I wish you the very best in your very brave decision. The advice I offer is to take any support offered to you. It's very very hard, but possible.