14 & 14weeks!

I never expected me to be in this situation. I had been hanging out with my friend, I adored him with all my heart, we made love, but then after that, we still stayed close. I hadn't felt well for awhile and I had all symptoms. I had told him I felt sick, he told me to take a pregnancy test and that if I was pregnant I HAD to get a abortion because he was just going into college and he didn't want to deal with it. Well, the test came back negative so I told him that. I ignored it after that thinking I wasn't pregnant. Next month, very light abnormal period with more old blood and very little red blood. Still just thought nothing, same thing the next month, thought nothing of it, now no period, and 14 weeks 2 days pregnant. Not sure what to tell him. Not sure what to do. I have the support of my friends. One of my friends Ashley, before she leaves she always gets down and kisses my baby, I think it is the cutest thing ever. But the other thing. The Guys that know, are just very rude and all try to have sex, I always always always tell them no. But it just bugs me and scares me, what if they don't care what I say. I just hope that the dad can understand, and accept it.
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I'm sorry he's not supportive :( But am glad you have the support of your friends. :)