I Was.

I was pregnant at 14, and now my daughter is 3yrs old and so beautiful. She is the best thing ever, at first finding out u r pregnant at 14 isnt so exciting but no matter how old u are u have to take full responsibilities for your actions. Unplanned pregnancies are hard at first, but these are blessings in disguise. God bless mommies and mommies to be!
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Abort, abort!

Well done. Your courage and bravery are to be highly respected. Most women go the other route but you stuck it out.

Just wondering to all teen parents who stayed in their high school, how mean or supportive are other classmates? Do they laugh and make jokes? Are you an outcast? Do the teachers treat you especially bad or good? How much does life in school change when you become pregnant? Also, has any teen given birth (gone into labor) while in class?

Im 14 and pregnant and I've only told close friends and the baby's father. But he wants me to get an abortion! What do i do?!

I had a baby at 14 at 16 stayed with the father of my second child had one at 18 24 and my last one was last year 2012 still married and love the hell out of my kids,

Hi...my name is Ashley I'm 14...will be 15 march 15th.... And my Bfs name is Austin...he is 16... We feel kinda crazy right now because we want to keep our baby.... We are actually very exsited... We are scared of what our parents will think most of all.... Any tips for us?

Hi, uhm I'm also pregnant and I'm 14 about to be 15, but the only thing I'm afraid of is my body is to small to handel such pressure. So I ws gonna as where you small when you where pregnant?

I was also pregnant at 14 and my oldest son is about to turn 10. It is hard but it is worth sticking it out! It's a scary thing to be 14, pregnant and usually alone....but there is hope. I am such a different person because I had my little kiddos :)

I'm proud of you! My best friend went through a similar experience. At first, I was scared, frustrated with her, and confused. But now her beautiful daughter is a year old and she has grown up so much. Teenage pregnancy can be hard, but it's reassuring to see people stepping up to the plate and doing what is needed.