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Hi guys my name is Yesenyaa, I'm 14 and I have done unprotected sex with my boyfriend, we have been together for 1year& 7months and our relationship is still going I'm not pregnant but soon to be <3 ilove babies: my boyfriends family loves me they support me in anyway they are always there whenever ineed someone; they care for me more then my parents I'm ready for my special present from God and give my baby a wonderful life when I turn 15 ♥♥♥♥♥ , they buy me everything I need they already consider Me as family(sister-in-law) and stuff hoping for the really world to come (:
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- Please, think that through, i know how you feel about having a boyfriend,a baby and all the lovey dovey stuff, but its more complicated than it seems,im pregnant right now, and i use to be like you,but that stopped. im gonna keep my baby,and bringing it to this world is the most important thing on my mind,and i would never change it. but if would have known it was gonna be this hard and scary,then i would have waaited, i didn't have someone from expirience to tell me wrong from right.just tthink about it.

Please re think and wait until out of school and over 18,
I have seen many young girls growing up ruin their lives for that choice
even as kids, we could not save them, all and many thought the same as you do I am afraid the one we could save knew they made a mistake and in all of their case's they were victims of other's action. but they made the choice to fight so we stood with them in the fight.

However, think we're different back then if you had a child you were called many names, and it was very hard to live down
but all of them in our group and a boy stand beside them and fight with them.

Then only had one child in high school and still made honor role even taking care of a child and working full time.

Please do not try to get pregnant. I am 16 and I am pregnant for a 4th time. I planned my first and 3rd pregnancy and trust me this isn't something you want to do. It's not fun and games and cuteness all the time. And it's nothing like babysitting. Take 15 puppies and set them loose in your house and go 3 months on only an hour of sleep per night. That's what a baby is like. I got pregnant at 13 thinking it would be easy and it was not. I thought it would be fun and cute and I didn't think of money or doctors appointments or weight gain or complications or diapers or any of that. Think of the possibilities. My second pregnancy resulted in me losing my daughter. She died. That could happen to you! And my 3rd, he has breathing problems, he almost died as well. You think you are ready, but I know from experience that you are not. I'm not trying to be a ***** but please think about it fully. Is where you are in life right now where you want to bring your child into? It's so hard to get an education with a baby. And think of pregnancy. The doctors visits are expensive. You gain weight get stretch marks, leaky boobs, sore all over, you constantly throw up and cry all the time. And the period you get afterward! It's the worst thing ever! And you are responsible for a baby's life, you will make sure they are happy before you. You clean the poop and you clean up when they puke. They have an ear infection or a sore throat you are who they complain to. And think about you are not raising just a baby, you will have a toddler and a kid and a teenager, are you ready for that? Please consider everything. If you do fall pregnant though, I'm here for you but please please please listen to me. Being pregnant at a young age is not "cute" you will get abuse over it. Not just verbal. I was pushed down a flight of stairs. Please be careful.