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Alright, well, me and my boyfriend of two years have recently decided we're truly ready to be married one day. No, not now. Nor soon. But one day we're ready for it.. so, he asked me to marry him and we are currently engaged. Whether it seems dumb or not. Engagement is a step up from a regular relationship. More commitment and responibilty. Also, we're ready to start our family. Whenever it decides to happen. Though we aren't going to aim for a child, or try and try and stress ourselves out to have a baby.. we will continue with unprotected sex. And if I turn up pregnant one day I know he'll be by my side though it all. We're both madly in love with each other. It was a love as first sight kind of thing with us. I didn't actually meet him until we were dating a while. My friend had mentioned his name one day. And it clicked, his name was just a spark that I had to check out! c: we started dating a little bit after meeting, and had sex after 9 months of dating (I was 13 at the time) I'm not nessicarily proud to say I didn't wait as long as I had hoped. Or as long as "society" views what is acceptable. But I do not regret it. He has not left me, cheated on me, or anything. He's an amazing guy, and an even more amazing boyfriend/fiancé. Throughout the years, I have gotten pregnant twice. The first time, I had his support. It was great. We would lay down at night and just rub my belly waiting for him to kick. I'll never forget his face when he felt him kick for the very first time. It will forever be in my heart. It was the sweetest, most heartwarming thing. But, after 5 months of pregnancy.. something happened. And I ended up losing him. I was devosated, I obviously loved my child with all of my heart. I didn't have much time to mourn over my loss, because shortly after I was pregnant once again. And I was only pregnant with another little boy for a couple months. Then, I lost him also. /: But, again with what I was saying, my 'soon-to-be husband', (my boyfriend, haha), has made a lot of conversation and comments lately that he wants to have a family with me, and us have a baby, and live together. I have no problem. We both have a plan to work everything out. He's already moving in before the end of the year, and he has dropped out of school but has his GED. And looking for a job. (plan to have a car and job before the baby will be born, whether it be 9 months from now or 3 years). Also, my plan. I'm already in the "homeschooling" system. Taking classes online. And I originally plan on getting a job once I can, with a baby or not. And continue with online classes throughout highschool. Either way, no matter what will actually happen regardless of plans, our child will most definitely be loved by both of his or her parents. And I do appreciate anything you have to say. Except negative comments. I understand if you're telling me your story, how things worked out for you, how differently I could do it, or anything reasonable. And advice. But not completely being rude and harsh. Thank you, too. For taking the time to read my story!
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OH MY GOSH! Lol Ive Seen Crazy, Outrageous, and Just Flat Out Stupid Stories About Young Teens Wanting To Have Babies But Yours has got to be the saddest ive seen. Do You Know What A Statistic Is? If You Have A Baby this young you are almost positively setting yourself up to be a Statistic! I Understand You Completely about being in love at a young age. I Met My Boyfriend When I was your age and like you said it was Love at First Site! We got together on 8/6/11 and have been together since then and guess what, Im still a VIRGIN ! Im 16 years of age and a VIRGIN! Thats hard to find these days but its True! You Can Be in love and not have Sex with somebody, I Am POSITIVE I will Lose My Virginity to him But Not Now, when im ready. He Doesnt Pressure me Into Having Sex With Him Even though He's Not a Virgin and He Never Cheated on Me! THATS TRUE LOVE.He Told Me that he wants to marry me and that I am the one for him and that we're going to have a family one day in the future because we want to have a good life to we can provide a good life for our children.Having a Baby at a Young age is NOT Hard, Its HELL! I Know this becaus My Sister got pregnant when she was 17 by her Bf of 2 Years and she is now a Single Mother Sadly, I Help out as Much as I Can And Honestly im Like a Second Mom to My Niece and Helping Take Care Of Her Is the Hardest thing ive ever witnessed including the Death of My Mother! Please Just Wait To Have A Baby And Use Protection, im not gonna scold you for having sex because its natural but please just be smart about it and protect yourself! Good Luck

why i fully give you a thumbs up for wanting to be a mom .it might be wize to look at the bigger not to be a major downer or any thing like that just some real world experince. you say your bf droped out of school and got his would be lucky to make end meet with just that... employers want some one that has at least finished highschool and view a ged as a bit of a cop out... nothing wrong with it but i had a freind that for the longest time could not find a job because of it... so finding a job might be a major issies when employers are turning away people with more ex then your bf..and of the jobs out there that with just a ged he might get a part time job... and with more then 15 to 20 hour if he lucky.. so that will aquate to about 4 to 500 a month if your lucky..babys can coust more then 2 to 300 a month are you going to brest feed or bottle? becasue if you bottle it will cost more but give you more fredom... if you brest your kind of sucks at home... so back to money you said you sa id you wanted a car too... so of the 500 that your bf could be making if your lucky... 250 is baby and even a clunkpr can be up to 1 k or more coust... and then there the montly coust of a car becasue your a teen your guy are looking at about 90+ for insure and then gas witch could and will coust you 100+ montly depending on how much you use it for. so at that point your money is gone... yes the state will help you out a bit but not as much as t yu think... wic help but you have to sit there hering *** holes leacture you about pregancy baby and what they did as a mom ... roled eye that alone is not worth it... and they cut you off real quick from stuff you need like formula... we were up to 10 can a month now were down to 6 and my 8 month old dauther still will eat 10 to 11 can a month....and it not cheep at 15 buck a pop that drain your bank account fast of what money you have saved

your bf is content now with you and getting you knock up but he young what happen when he want to go out your stuck at home with the baby. or your body and ***** dose not go back to what is was... what if he want to go out with his tfreinds...and what happen in a few year when he want to go to college... or stuff like that. do i think he love you yes do i think he might be a good dad yes.. but you doint know a lot of guy around your age..will say stuff like that to just get in to a girl pants ( especial one that want to be a mom so bad...and ya he was good with the other pregancy but at that point it all you and your body nothing really that he has to do but sit there and watch you get fat... and then push it out ... when that happen guy change a lot... and no im not saying that he will not stick around with you but over all it he might chang his mind about his life and split leaving you with eather a huge belly or a newborn to do it alone.
i would suggest waiting to risk pregancy tell a bit later 17 that way he can find a job and so can you... i think when the time come you will be a good mom but need to think this throw before you spread your legs and get pregnant