I feel like everyone thinks I'm a terrible for being 14 & pregnant. I know I can give this baby a good life. That's all that matters.
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dumb *****

that is so true. stupid *****

My daughter feels the same way as that people judge her for being 14 (so young and pregnant ) the real thing is nobody is ever ready . People need to stop judging god knits that baby into the mother that's a child of god . I will always be here for my children and theirs even any of you who need a helpful chat I have a wonderful open ear . Good luck to you Hun and your baby

I wish my mom was as supportive as you... I found out yesterday that I'm pregnant (I'm 14) and my mom thinks she can make me have an abortion. Unfortunitly I can't go stay with the dad as he's in America for a while. What do I do? What are you doing for your daughter and what do I tell my mom? Please help me...

Congratulations :) A mind set like that at 14 is amazing. I wish the people I know with 2 kids at 18 could think like you!
Best of luck with everything!

Congratulations! If you're prepared to bring a child into this world, care and love it, and be an amazing parent, that's more than I can say for myself. remember to always keep your head up cause there are always going to be the Debbie Downers

Thank you so very much! I know Im capable of giving this child everything it needs to have a great life, and a wonderful family and fiancé to back me up (:

I will tell you one thing........... Congrats to you both you have the one thing i want with all of my heart

Thank you so much. & hopefully it happens for you as well. God bless!