I Was 14 And Preggos For.a 18 Year Old

Ok at the momment I am in high school.and have my boyfriend who is 18 turning 19 in 3 weeks.we live on our own with out 5 month ole. Baby girl named Daislyn(Daisy)! She is a beautiful half African American and half peurto/Caucasian baby with geourgous blue eyes.I am only 15 (now!) And live in a one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend.he works full time at a bank.I work part time at a restaurant and other half is online school.my sisters kayLee is always at my place so she helps me watch Daisy when I'm doing school.and while I am at work.I love my big sister!!!! Life is hard but I wouldn't want it any other way.Ryder has a car so we have transportation. And his parents lay taxes for us.we do pay bill but our land lord cuts our rent down every month because he feels sorry for us.!ljfeis good and at least we don't go throw the struggle alone!!!
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you have a hard rode to walk but sounds like you are trying