Hello, I am 14 years old & my partner is 15... We have had intercouse within the last 2-3 months and lately I have been feeling fatigue, nausea, mood swings, headaches, constipation, etc.,,, but I just moved to live with my father and my boyfriend is now 24,000 km away. I am not sure what to do... I never got a test yet. I am hoping to not be pregnant but is it bad that a little part of me wants to be pregnant? I am mature for my age and all.
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1. please dont judge me
Basically me and my ex boyfriend were best friends and still are good friends but something happened like 2/3 weeks ago, he was being horny and strange and he asked if he could try get his **** in my vagina to see if it would fit, and i wasnt comfortable with it yet je still did it and it hurt like really bad i was like owwww and then he took it out straight away it was only his knob that went in nothing else and theres no pre *** on it or he didnt *** after that i got a bit pissed then the next day i woke up my vagina killed and i was getting horrid pains then it started to burn bad when i urinated now one week ago i started getting problems, my belly has gotten only a bit bigger and feels harder, also it really hurts and i have cramps but im not on my period ive missed it for a week and its not came yet im really scared, i come from an asian family so i cant admit i think i am or even get a pregnancy test and ive been so worked up about it please give me some advise, i broke up with my boyfriend a couple of days ago even though my feelings are very strong but i realised what we did was very stupid and irresponsible. Please help asap :(

Have you taken a test yet to see if you're pregnant?

of course it's not bad that you want to have a baby, but you're still too young to understand and realise what it means to raise a baby and the responsibilities that comes with.first do the test,or go to the hospital for check-up,the tests aren't always right. talk with somebody i mean woman about it,someone that you trust.

You should tell your boyfriend of course about it.

Do she? Why you so sure she can't raise a baby? Please don't generalization people in their age.

hello to you too, that's my opinion.It's hard to raise a baby in any age, when you are in growing age it's even harder,but not impossible.But surely you're gonna need someone help and by someone I mean woman ,that's why I mentioned to talk to someone(woman) that she trusts.

by the way I haven't mentioned that she can't raise a baby please read it more carefully next time))

Sorry.my bad.

it's okay

I live in a place where a lot of young girls have children. It is unfortunate, but it is true. And if I am having a child, I would have a great support system. and my boyfriend knows of course but no one else does. Abortion is also out of the question

That's good that you don't think about abortion and that your boyfriend supports you. Everything's gonna be fine just trust yourself ^^. Many girls at young age have children not only there ,but here as well.The important thing is the support you'll have and make it happen.

You see, having a baby is the best thing to a woman,but being a child and have those responsibilities is unfortunate, but still being a mother is most precious thing in life:* so good luck))

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What will you do if you are pregnant? That is the question that you must answer.