Dunno But Here Goes

me and my cousin have been going together for a couple years weve been having sex w/o protection we are so very happy but our parents are freaking..pls God help us!!!
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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Absolutely agree with LadyVerona! Having intercourse without a condom is not an ideal thing to do. Also how far/distant is this cousin of yours... I hope quite distant because family is family and when its one of your immediate relatives/family (eg: first/second cousins) it is quite disturbing!! <br />
My advise would be to definitely not go ahead and have any kind of intercourse with anybody without a condom....

umm yeah listen to her ^^^^^^ !

Is this for real? <br />
You know when people say that if you have sex with your first cousin it will most likely produce a child with disabilities - ITS TRUE. <br />
How irresponsible, just the fact that you are having sex with someone unprotected, the risks you are taking are huge. Aside from the fact that he is your cousin, which is just strange. Why? <br />
The consequences of these actions could be disastrous - you need something a little more concrete than prayer to help you here. If you want to continue sleeping with him, you definately need to get some birth control.