15 And Pregnant!!!! Wtf

my name is jessica, im a sophmore and will be 16 in three months. my parents are devorced and i JUST moved in with my dad. my boyfriend for 1 year is 18 years old. oh, and i just found out that i am pregnant. im scared as hell. depressed. and dont know what to do. my sister had a baby at age 17 and my brother had a baby at age 18. im scared to tell my mom and dad most of all. and my family. how imbarrasing. i have no idea what to do. i do not belive in abortions, of adoptions.. so im obviously keeping it... im scarred, my dad will isolate me from his life, and im scared my mom will reject me completly. my boyfriend lives on his own, so the living situation wont be a problem, but im just scared to lose my mom, and have her be ashames of me. i need advice on what to do!!!! can anyone help?

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Just find a good shrink and have an appointment. Then have your mom and dad there at the next one and have the shrink help you break the ice.

Breathe. It's going to work out somehow. Being a parent at a young age is extremely difficult, but you're a mother now. And the love that you have for that baby is the love that your parents have for you. Family is forever. They may be shocked at first. Depressed. Scared. Just remember that this is also what you went through. Give them the slack that you allow for yourself. They may come around, just give it time. I completely understand though. My parents would be the same way. My dad wouldn't speak to me. But once he got used to the idea, he would come around. I hope that your parents will be the same way. Just remember that you are loved. And by the way, congratulations on your baby! You definately have my support. Don't forget to smile, it makes things less horrible sometimes.

I understand you want to keep the baby. I got pregnant when i was 15 too. I wanted my baby more than anything in the world. I had a miscarriage though. It was not intentional. Come to find out, I can't have children. My body is not strong enough to carry a child. My husband and I have been trying to adopt, but he's in the military and it's difficult going through an adoption agency. So, this may sound strange, but if you consider giving it up for adoption, please message me. I know that's not likely because you said you were going to keep it, but if you need anyone just to talk to please feel free to message me

If your seriously considering adopting your baby out and if its a girl we would be interested in speaking with you. We are a chrisitna family and we cannot have anymore kids and my wife longs to have a daughter. We would like to talk to you more. sales@celtronics.net From there I can call you and send you pics of our family and go from there.

I know how it feels to be afraid to disappoint your mother and to be shunned by your father I got pregnant when i was 16 it was my biggest fear come true. I was so depressed I didn't know what to do, I thought about running away with my boyfriend but the thought of loosing my family stopped me. eventually my mom found out but i cried and i begged her to forgive me cuz i had disappointed her she said it didnt matter what i did i was her daughter and she would love me. My dad wasnt so happy he left us as soon as he found out. For a while I thought this was all my fault, about a year passed before we spoke again but then one day he called and told me he'd left cuz he was disappointed that he hadn't been the father he should have with me. It was emotional lol! But there you see the world didnt end. There is one thing tho i understand you dont believe in abortion at the time I didnt either but i will tell u this if you plan to keep this baby everything as you know it WILL change and your gonna have to find strength cuz raising that baby is one of the hardest things you will come across. Talk to your parents cuz sometimes adoption might be something to consider for the sake of your baby. I wish you luck with all that is coming you gotta tough path in front but you can DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you need to find a church, and make new friends. Then you prayerfully need to consider adoption. It's not fair to have an abortion, when you chose to do this. It's only fair to let the child live. But don't you think the child should have a loving home with married parents? Good financial security? Let a family adopt - it will be hard for you, but you will be able to keep growing up and marry one day when your older and in the mean time, your child, will be growing up too, in a family- thanks to a mom (you) that was brave enough to do the right thing!

I was a single mom to my son at 16 I am now 20 have a another baby which is my daughter and my son now has the family he didnt come into this world with.you shouldnt give your kid up because your goin to be a single mother my mom raised 4 kids on her own and I wouldnt want it any other way.ive been workin since 17 to provide for my family its sometimes hard but its worth it my husband knows my son since before he was born he was there as a friend through my pregnancy since we went to the same little private school

honey, i had an abortion when i turned 18. it was the ahrdest thing i ever did. i still regret it but its so not worth ruining your life. you will be able to have another baby mabye in a couple of years, but at 15 you wont be able to live your life again till your batleast in your 30's if not older! dont make this mistake!!!