Making It Threw The Rain...

I Am Fifteen Years Old And Pregant. Yes! Now I May Not Have The Issues Of My Mom Being Mad Or Anyone Hating Me About Me Being Pregnant But I Have Past! At Eight Years Old I Was Raped Repeatedly By A Family Friend. No One Ever Believed Me! Thn After Being Abused Multiple Times By Multiple Family Members I Began Doing Drugs! I Was Drug Addict And Alcholic From The Age Twelve To Fourteen. I Have Been Sober For A Whole Year! Last Year I Had A Misscarege And Hated Myself For Being Such A Horrable Person! I Imediatly Got Clean And Started My Life Fresh. Being A Stupid Teenager I Went To A Party With My Friends, That Night I Was Raped By Five Men. Not Having The Easiest Life And Hating Everyone I Began Having Sex With Multiple Partners And Didnt Care What Happened To Me Or My Body. At This Point I Was Wishing For Death! e
Then I Met This Amazing Person That I Fell In Love With! I Stopped Sleeping Around And Was Extremely Loyal To Him! To My Surprise I Found That He Didnt Quite Feel The Same! Instead He Was In Love With A Girl Name Tiara! Well You Can Imagine How I Felt When I Went To His House To Tell Him I Was Pregnant And Instead I Heard That! Well I Still Told Him I Was Pregnant! I Asked If He Wanted To Be Apart Of The Babies Life... Two Weeks Later He Is Still Thinking! So We All Should Know What That Means! Can We Say Single Mom???
Now I Cant Feel My Baby And I Am Only Five Weeks So I Havent Even Been Able To Hear A Heart Beat Yet! But I Know My Baby Is My Baby And I Would Do Anything For My Baby! I Would Die To Save My Babies Life! No Matter What My Baby Is My World! And I Wont Lie To Anyone! Every Night I Lay In My Bed And Ask Repeatedly Why Does These Things Always Have To Happen To Me? Why Did My Dad Hit And Hate Me And Why Did Those Grown As Men Do What They Did? Why Doesnt My Babies Dad Want His Kid? And The Only Conclusion I Can Come To Is That This Was The Path That Makes Me Strong! This Is Gonna Push Me To Life! To Thrive For Something Greatter Than My Power And Full Of Only Love! I Was Ment To Be A Mother And I Will Remain One! People Everyday Of My Life Call Me A ***** And Tell Me To Go To Hell And Get An Abortion But You Know What I Stay Strong And I Fight Everyday!
This Long Story Is Not To Say Boo Hoo Look At Me The Screwwed Up Teen! All Teens Are Screwed Upp! But This Is Me Saying If I Can Make It! Then You Can! Stay Beautiful Girls!
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single parenting isnt easy im not going to lie but its not impossiable in any way me and my mom are both single parents i rase her youngest and she rased a set of twins it had stoped my dating life and my life all together but its not impossiable i have been able to find a 13 year old guy that was to take the dad role for my daughter slash sister so mabye u will be lucky and find someone that will stay up and be the other parent but before he was it was my gf that had been dad....... my point is its going to be amazing u willl be able to say i did it on my own and its something a lot of ppl can say if u need help message me plz

Thanks for the story. I'm 14 and a girl that says she's in love with me but we aren't dating says she wants to have kids with me. One of my friends GF just died during birth. I don't want that to happen to her. I told her she has to at least be 14. She wants one now, I don't know what to do. Even if it doesn't work out between me and her and she has a baby I will always be there for the baby. BTW its name is going to be violet. Lolol. im a guy btw. sad story.

As a male i have to say wow this story almost made me cry I'm 16 and my girlfriend is pregnant and she's 15 and she's very happy that I'm there for her and the baby that's on the way but above all we pray constantly and we stay positive because its not worth being sad depressed or anything I'm not trying to sound religious but maybe you should try it a lot of people tell me wow you're a really good guy you're so different but that's because I love her and I want to be there for my kid I don't want my kid asking in the future where's daddy or asking mommy where is my real dad keep you're head high you're a strong girl give you're baby so much love and make his/her life amazing and pray it doesn't hurt god bless you more

, YOUR a very strong person god bless you and your baby , reading your story made me cry but you being so dtrong in keeping your head up shows me i can do the same thankyou :)

let me tell u i became a mom at 13. i made it through. dont listen to the negative things people will say because even when i was an honor student people said something was wrong or would look for things to complain about. i was harassed and put down my family and friends, classmates and teachers. even neighbors. u can make it through. trust me, some days will be harder then others but 1 thing i can say is having a baby will make u want more for yourself and do well for that child. if your a good mother you will change your life for the better. email me and i can help you find baby sitting or a program to help you. my high school had a daycare so depneding on where u live u can apply there and take your baby to school and finish your education. ") best wishes to u. <br />

Hi, dear I and so proud of you, and I have been where you are, God has a Great Plan for you, and your baby, I would love to hear from you. Email me anytime at :<br />
<br />
signed,<br />
Your Friend :)

I have nothing to say in relation to this post, but I just wanted to wish you all the strength and support in the world! Your an amazing person for what your doing is brave and beautiful. Keep up that attitude x

Hon, for what it is worth, my father beat me, abused me until I was 13. My mother was no better. I got pregnant at 13, it was no accident. I am now twenty seven and while I still have battle scars from those years, I have matured so much that I cannot relate to those horrible years. I am still called a *****. But I have accepted myself as the loving woman that I am. Today is the day that you improve you life-and then again tomorrow. Love your child, love yourself. The people that are giving you a bad time today will soon be just another part of your past. Thank you for not having an abortion!!

right now it is time to live for the life you carry and get your act together get back in school and study hard

whatever u've gone through is real bad!! i can't even imagine what kind of a life you have had for so long! but ur attitude towards all this n the optimism u have is u said it's gonna make u strong! please continue having the same kind of faith n attitude,it's gonna keep u going in life..i wish everything turns out well for u.n don't worry u'll someday find someone who'd love u n take care of u no matter what:)

Thank You So Much! That Means Alot Too Me!

ur v welcome..I'm glad u feel that way:)