Okay, Well Im Worried..

i am 15, im 16 in 5 months. i only had sex for the first time just over a month ago, the condom split and my boyfriend who's 17 convinced me to go take the morning after pill, he was very worried.. i took the pill the next day after school & everything was fine.. we've had regular sex since with condoms ofcourse.
BUT.. i havent had my period since a week before i took the pill, it hasnt been took long but i am starting to get a little concerned, i cant help but think i might be pregnant, my boyfriend says im not.. But i dont really know, i might just get a test but the embarracment of buying one might be too much as i have social anxiety disorder.
any advice will be appriciated.
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1 Response Apr 9, 2012

The morning after pill is effective for up to 48 hours after you take it I believe. More than likely your menstrual cycle went out of wack after taking it. I've had to take emergency contraceptives before, and every time the morning after pill worked for me. I believe you have to take more than one pill though, 12 hours apart. Anyway, so long as you are withing the timefr<x>ame, you should be fine! I would consult a doctor or speak with a pharmacist to be sure. Also, if the condum broke, it could be because the condum expired or was too small. I would want to find out why it broke before possibly having another accident. Good luck to you!

ah okay, thankyou for that, it was broke because my nails when i opened it c: thats what i think anyway,
i know that im probably not, but i ccant help but think about it &amp; i keep having dreams about it D:
But thankyou