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Im 16 in 4 months and i just found out i am 8 weeks pregnant. i am so confused about what to do because some of my friends are saying i should get an abortion so i can do everything i want to in life but others are saying i should keep it because i will always have the opportunity to do anything i want to. my mum and step-dad are so supportive but i still haven't told my dad because he's quite old fashioned when it comes to things like this. i think im most likely going to keep the baby but it would be really helpful if anyone could give me some advice, i would really appreciate it!
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You need to think about what is best for you. Raising a baby is very hard but very rewarding and it will make everything else you want to do in life more difficult. If you don't like either of the choices you have mentioned you can also consider adoption, that might be the hardest choice of all but it is also a good one. Whatever you choose I wish you the best of luck.

Keep your baby. You still have the rest of your life ahead of you, and this way you'll know that you didn't miss out on something even better than any "experience" you could have. If you discover that you can't manage, you can always give the baby up for adoption, but if you abort you'll never know what could have been. There is so little education about the negative aspects of abortion, but so many women have such terrible regret, and there is nothing you can ever do to change it. If you go ahead, you can make the decision to keep your baby, to close this chapter on your life with a closed adoption, or an open adoption where you can be a wonderful part of your baby's life even if you're not ready to be the "mother," knowing that your baby is alive and you've given the most precious gift in the world to both your baby and the parents who have been praying for it.<br />
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There are so many stories here:<br />
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And here's this for inspiration... you have the strength!<br />
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Just be thankful for having something so wonderful happen to you and your body. It is a thing of beauty and grace. Just accept you are on a different path and keep an open mind as to where it leads you.

In all honesty it is your desicion. No one can tell you what you what you feel is right. My friend at the moment is pregnant in, fact near her due date and she has her family and friends to support her all the way! So if you have your family and friends behind you, which you seem to have then i'm sure you will be fine. Good luck with everything!