Pregnant, Scared, And Confused. Help!

I turned 15 in April. I made love with my boyfriend in May and 2 weeks after i started having some preg. symptoms! I got very scared and told my bf. He was very supportive and didnt act the way i expected him to! He knew i was really really scared so he made me feel excited about the baby! We immediately decided that if i was preg. that we would keep our angel. 2 days ago I found out i was pregnant! i told him right away and he got excited! he reaallyy doesnt want me to get an abortion or give up the baby. Last night he told his mom, but his parents are taking it horrible! His parents said they are willing to pay for the abortion! His mom said a lot of mean things! This morning i got over my fear and called my mom while i was crying. My parents have always been very strict which made me even more nervous. My bf said im lucky because my parents were calm! dissapointed, but calm. I expected them to scream! My mom said that abortion is out of the question and its not an option. Now the problem is that my dad and my bf's mom keep trying and trying to convince me to get an abortion! They are even starting to get into my head! I really dont want to but im confused and scared because of all this tension! :( his mom and my dad said that our lives will be ruined even though we have it all planned for the baby's arrival! Im secretely hoping i get a misscarriage and at the same time not! :( i really want someone to convince me to KEEP THE BABY no matter what :(
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Even though there is going to be a lot of obstacles, you should not give up on the baby. Your boyfriend is sweet for supporting the decision on having the baby and that is a humongous plus. If you will be pressured into getting an abortion you might regret the decision and it will bother you so don't be pressured by the parents. In the future things will get better. His parents and your parents might see the adorable baby and be charmed by the cuteness. Hopefully they will accept the baby and forget about the frustrations. I believe you can overcome this. Best wishes to you.

Awww, It might not make them happy, but it has happened and babies are the most beautiful things in the world.<br />
Of course the older ones have a right to be mad as well , because you and your boyfriend should have been more careful.<br />
But hey you should keep it since your mind is made up