15, Pregnant And Unprepared. Help.

About a week ago, I was with my boyfriend of almost a year who is 16, and we were just fooling around when.. It just happened. Next thing you know he moves away really fast. I asked him what happened and he said "that was a close one" I asked if he came inside me and he said he didn't know. Im really scared. I was supposed to start my period two days after that. Still no period. I know my boyfriend will stay with me. Thats not the problem. He's taking it normally. He's scared, just like me but he let me know that he will be around no matter what. The problem for me is telling our parents. My parents are already poor. I know it will be hard for them to try to support me. Im pretty sure they're going to beat the **** Out of me. Or kick me out. And then I'm worried about staying in school. I just don't want my baby to have a bad life. Abortion and adoption are not Options. I've already decided to keep it. Advice on how to tell my parents? Thanks.
CarlyMae CarlyMae
1 Response Jun 19, 2012

The thing to do is to just come on out and tell them that you pregnant calmy WITH your boyfriend. If they start yelling then just listen because its not to hurt you they are scared FOR YOU and they wont hit you since your boyfriend will be there he'll show a sense of protection (im not saying your parents are abusive at all or the kind of people to do it) but if you cant tell them to their face the best thing to is to write a note to your mom and tell her to call you as soon as shes done so you wont have to be face to face as quickly but phone convos usually are good. God Bless you and your baby and you said adoption is out the option we'll make sure your parents are 100% supporting you financially make sure your signing up for small things such as WIC and make sure you and your bf get some part time jobs but PLEASE STAY IN SCHOOL THERE IS NO WAY TO END THE STRUGGLE UNLESS YOU FINISH SCHOOL and head off to get yourself a degree be someone the baby will look at and say "She is so strong" May you, your beautiful child, boyfriend, and parents be blessed and prosper in this situation