15 And May Be Pregnant.

I just turned 15 may 29th. My boyfriend of 9 months is turning 17 on july 28 .
He and i had sex for the first time (unprotected) he moved away fast as i asked him if he came in me. He said no but i honestly think he is lying. I am taking a pregnancy test in a couple days. Im most worried to tell my dad. All my sisters havr had teen pregnancys. Seeing how im so young he will be extremley unsupportive. Along with my boyfriend being 17 will he get in trouble for getting me pregnant? The age of consent here is 18. Im just extremely scared because my mom isnt a part of my life so i dont really have a mom figure to talk to. I just want to know if my boyfriend will get in trouble and any other details anyone can give me. Also my dad will not supporte in any way if i keep it but im 100% agaisnt abortion. I made u p my mind if i am im keeping it. But i need support an details. If anyone has any experiance with having a baby at my age please respond.
All love.
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He won't be in trouble

do whatever u can to be there for that baby if u are pregnant- adoption and many other options are there im sure- but like u said..abortion no not personally even an option which is good- but tell ur father now before he figures out the hard way-try talking to a friend about it or ur boyfriend. make sure u tell ur boyfriend ur concerned about being pregnant afterall he would be the father. but do what u have to do to make a living_goood luckk and god bless!

Thank you for the advice. Im mainley concerned about the legal issues. Would he get in trouble because of his age?

i dont believe so because hes not 18- im almost postive he would have to be 18 to cause any real legal effect. either way its underage but because hes not 18 it will not go under as rape or anything..but thats just how it is where im from-things could be different depending on your area

Thanks. I hope he dosnt if i am. Thank you for the advice! Best wishes!

anytime! same to you!

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