15 Pregnant Story

Okay I'm going to keep this really short and simple cause Im pretty upset at the moment. The last 5-6 weeks I was expecting my first baby with my boyfriend were both 15 and we had everything planned , we got extra jobs etc had home tests that said I was pregnant everything positive and all good anyways that went on for almost 2 months and today I went to the dr to go get everything checked out and long story short there was nothing there and the dr said I was having morning sickness and have the symptoms of being pregnant cause my brain tricked my body into thinking I was pregnant , etc so I thought il he on here and tell my story , my previous story of my pregnancy is on here to if anyone felt like reading it . But that's really it , sorry I haven't gone deep into what's happened but I'm just really not happy right now . I want to thank the beautiful people who helped me on here when I had questions and everything and for your support in this past 6 weeks <3 (can't be bothered proof reading this sorry)
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Everything will turn out ok for you. Live life and be happy. Best of luck