15 and pregnant Omgg COMMENT ASAP

Well i'm 15 and I think I may be pregnant its the second week since I had unprotected sex and I've been very sick lately sleeping all day and it feels like I always have to threw up but nothing happens and I have headaches . I'm scared if I am pregnant the guy will just leave because being stupid I thought I can have a "friend with benefits " at the age of 15 and hes 22 , every other weekend I would sneak out and have sex with him one night we had sex he ran out of condoms and I think he pulled out a little to late . I'm very scared I don't have anyone to talk to and I cant buy a pregnancy test and I don't want to tell my mom and dad because that would be a lot of drama . What should I do :/ PLEASE help me i'm really scared
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Ha That's how i was at first too.. I'm Pregnant Also About 10 weeks! I finally had to tell my parents that i was i got a pregnancy test and it came up positive but also i tried to get pregnant also you can have symptoms Everyone's Different Cause i had symptoms early i used the restroom every second! I'm kinda scared of having it though. But Congrats if Your Pregnant(:

Thank you

Your Very Welcome(:

Did you find out if you was pregnant?


get to a doctor...

Just wait to see if you miss your period, but really the only way to find out for sure iis if you get a pregnancy test, you can get them even at the dollar store, best of luck to you :)

You need to know. Somehow get a test or go to the community health center that's free. Take care of yourself and don't hide anything. Be open and talk to your parents and friend. Make sure they know that you consented to not get your man in trouble. Best of luck

at her age there is no consent

I would have to be 17 to consent where im at :/...

And im turnin 16 in three months


But he dont have to worrt about going to jail because hes not even talkin to me


He is one crazy guy. You look hot and he was so lucky to enjoy you like that

Best of luck. Would enjoy chatting if you had ya h o

hell lie about ur age

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I am literally in the same situation, message me because I alreacan tell we would have a lot to talk about! Keep praying, that's what I'm doing.

I will and thanks :)

you would not be having symptoms that early. i didnt even find out i was pregnant untill 17 weeks

I was pregnant at 14 as the result of a rape. I kept the child because even then, I didn't believe in abortion. Stay strong.

Im sorry to hear that and im trying..

*hugs* I know you can do it :)


you need to talk with your parents now even if youhave to wake them up<br />
<br />
the boy should have know better and used protection at his age but he willpay the price <br />
<br />
youneed yo be seen by a docotr and tested for STDS

My parents are at work &amp; I know we both will pay the price if I am pregnant .. but me nor him have ANY STDS so im not worried about that. Thanks for replying tho

not saying you do but get tested anyway for the child

i am not putting you down and i hope you did not feel that way we got married at 13 out of love no child but the others inour group did have children by the end of there first year of hight school

but we all supported eachother we all worked full time and we all were honnor roll

the boy thay siad he was the father in most cases was not he did it out of love and they stayed with each other thought hell and high water all but 2 my wiofe was killed at 19 and steve was killed in the xmas offensive in 1968 in viet nam
see doctor and get on the right pills to make sure that baby is ok edcucation is the answer down the road
if you need to talk i am around

if it is false please get on the pill

My parents are not going to let me get on BC trust me I talked to them about it and Im sorry about your wife

it is ok
where many girls collected puppys and kittys growning up she found girls in trouble and brought them home it was just her

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was sex really such a necessity that you were prepared to risk getting pregnant? did he not suggest waiting til he had more condoms?<br />
if you really cannot talk to your parents then i'd say you need to find a health professional such as your doctor or practice nurse. if you cannot buy a pregnancy test there are tests they can do that will tell you if you are or are not. however, if it is only 2 weeks that may be a bit soon and i would suggest waiting to see if you get a period when it is due to happen . waiting this extra 2 weeks or so will not affect the options you have open to you .

I know I was stupid for having sex at such a young age and nope he didn't suggest anything . But thanks for replying

well keep in touch please. . add me as a friend so we can chat more . .
feel sorry you cant chat with the guy you were having sex with. if you are worried he may run off if you tell him do you not think he will notice once a bump shows if it gets that far? dont do anything silly or rash though. think it all through

Yea I brought it up in a conversation and he said he don't really want kids right now , but I want do anything stupid .