15 And Pregnant

i am 15 and 22 weeks pregnant. the father of the baby cheats and lies an screams at me and is strait up mean he goes to all my doctors appointments but hes just mean to me an he stresses me out alot and i dont want to put my body through this while im pregnant i cry all the time and can not get over it. me and the father have been together for 5 years off and on. i decided the baby will have my last name. and i told him i dont want anything to do with him until he changes for sure
averypaige averypaige
1 Response Sep 15, 2012

its your choice and everything but you're 15 and have been with someone for 5 years? idk whether to say congrats on the commitment or thats crazy.. i hadn't even heard of what hooking up or anything of the sort meant when i was 10 years old.. :o wow lol.