Pregnant At 15

I got pregnant with my boyfriends baby at 14. I just turned 15 last month.November 3rd. I'm about 4 months now. The baby is supposed to be here May 11. Yesterday me and my mother got into a fight because she's a drug addict.. I see my boyfriend everyday when I lived there. Im staying with my sister now and when the baby is born I wanna stay with my boyfriend. He's sixteen. But I don't think my sister is going to let me. Is there anyway I can stay wiith him without her permission? I really need help! I need to stay with my boyfriend when he's born because ill need him like the baby does. He has experience with babies and I don't. Help?!
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You could become emancipated. Does your sister have custody or guardianship over you? Is she abusing you? Family support can help get you through the next few years. Having had a child at your age myself, I would beg you to consider the fact that boys don't always grow into the men you hope that they will. Please don't let yourself become dependent on anyone. If you choose to keep this baby and move out, you have to be willing to become an independent and responsible adult. You have to be willing to put this child before yourself. You need to have a job and finish school. Your baby deserves more out of you than you will become without doing so. You can check for additional temporary financial assistance. Another option other than bringing a child into drama that you may not be able to control is adoption. I promise you that being a mother will be the hardest job in your life, and there is no shame in making another choice. It takes courage either way. I wish you the best of luck.

How would I do that? And my mom has custody. She did hit me and that's why we got into a fist fight. My boyfriend is responsible. I plan on finishing school. Ive tried getting a job. And I plan on staying with my boyfriend. We have a excellent relationship. I just want my baby to have a daddy. And I wanna be with him so he can help me take care of the baby ...

You would need to look at the laws for your state. IL law info can be found at You would need legal guidance--maybe you could get someone at lower cost, so look locally and online. Honestly, you would need to become more independent probably first. It will be hard work. Getting a job is necessary to prove financial independence. If you are being abused, you need to talk to a teacher or doctor or someone that you trust. Don't just leave home because you want to be with your boyfriend though. If he wants to be a part of your child's life, he will make sure to be even if he has to work at it. Right now, you think that you have a great relationship with him, but just ready yourself for the possibility of your dynamic drastically changing in the near future. Your baby is more important than your relationship. Make sure to not let the goal of making your boyfriend into a good father take energy away from working on yourself. And if you are having fist fights with your mom, are you absolutely sure about bringing a child up right now? Your future is full of possibilities. I just hope that you know all of your options. A baby only adds drama to your life, it doesn't make life easier. If you think it does, trust me in that you are doing something very wrong haha. Best of luck either way.

Oh wow...i feel for you at your age...just remember, at your age, things are probably going to be very difficult including getting and completing any kind of education. You are going to be considered a baby that is expecting a baby, so most likely, i would say that untlil you are at least of age to get a job to support this new baby, life is going to seem controlling. I would recommend keeping your pants on, and utilizing more of yout spare time on your feet rather than laying on your back at that young age. Good luck best of wishes