Im Petite, Intelligent,short & 15 And Pregnant

well it wasn't really what i expected. i always thought as a young girl I'd wait till i get married or be old enough to have sex and have a kid. Don't judge me, but i lost my virginity at 13 yrs old. It wasn't peer pressure & i wasn't raped i just was curious & ready at a young age. Ever since i was 13 i was having sex. I would always have sex with my boyfriend without a condom, again please don't judge me. We were together about 5months. one day it just happened like that.... i missed my period. I totally noticed it because i've been expecting my period. i decided to get a pregnancy test from the store..... its results....well POSTIVE. i wasn't excite about it. i was 14 about that time was going to turn 15 that summer, summer break was coming soon. i told my boyfriend. he wasn't that happy neither. he was only 15 yrs old abot to turn 16 that summer break. he didn't want to talk to me, he ignored my texts and calls. i just stoped calling. oh i forgot, i did tell my parent. my mother was very fired up. she took me to go get another prego test to make sure and that one was postive too. she didn't want me to have an abortion she wanted me to keep it, our family doesn't believe in abortion, your killing another human being. well know i'm 7months and half pregnant, having a girl. i'm not happy with the choices i made, i'm absolutly positive i wish i could take everything bad. you kno whats really funny is people judge pregnant young girls. people say oh sh'es stupid and dumb, well look at me i have a 4.0 grade average and i'm getting awards, i'm actually doing better then you are. I'm still in school no drop out, i'm getting my education. i'm still going to go to college. i want to be a baby is due 2/ 7/13, or beginning of to all you young prego girls who don't think they can make it and be successful, your wrong. you CAN do this. you not by yourself. there are girls just like you. stay in school like me, work hard and get good grades, don't drop out. you are STRONG. well this is my story about being 15 and pregnant.
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You aren't very intelligent then to be fair. No offense.

They say the true sign of growth is understanding, and learning.

And you for your age sound like you have made mistakes but also turned your life around, and that is very hard you also sound like you have a mother who supports you and that is even better in a throwaway world.

As young teens we had nine other couples in our group that had children with in their first year of high school, all went to one with just the one child until out of collage all stayed with each other until death.

And even with all of our groups working full time no one supported us but ourselves, yes we had adult support from with in our group

We still held the first 20 potions of the grades all the way thought school the only ones never to have children were us as we both could not but we help bring up others kids and we enjoyed it until my wives death at age 19 and we still had three years before we could adopt a child.