15 And Scared I'm Pregnant..

Im 15 years old, my boyfriend and I had sex about 3 weeks ago and the past week I've been feeling nauseous, peeing A LOT, very emotional, sore boobs, and weird stomach grumbling. I havent taken a test yet because I havent missed my period (its due the 15th). My father and my mom are pastors and are very religious, I could never tell them because there reputations would be ruined, and they also wouldnt be supportive, and they wouldnt let me make the choice on what I want to do with the baby. I dont think I can keep it. I have considered adoption but my parents wouldnt allow that either. Please do not judge me. I have done all my research and sence I can't tell my parents I would have to get the judicial bypass to get the abortion. I was just wondering if anyone had advise or anything. Im very scared.
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How did thinks turn out, AmyKate?

I know you must feel very scared right now. But what has been done is done. Focus on the future now.

Morning sickness usually manifests between the 4th and 6th week of pregnancy and this might last until the 16th week. Since you did it 3 weeks ago, it makes stronger the case that you might be pregnant. However, this is not a 100% sure because you still haven't taken the pregnancy test. The very first thing you should do is to take the pregnancy test. You have to be sure before you do anything else.

Tell your boyfriend you might be pregnant. You need him more than ever. He would also be the father of the baby after all. Take the pregnancy test and if positive, you will have to tell both of your parents.

It will probably be the most difficult task you have to do but you have no other choice. They won't be happy about it. They might even hurt you emotionally but they have to know. If the reason you don't want to tell them is because people will know, that fact will be inevitable. You would just be delaying what would certainly happen. It might as well be you who tell them about what happened than they hear it from others. A growing belly is very hard to hide. You might just be endangering the baby's life.

First of all, find an adult that you CAN talk to. Get tested as soon as you are a few days late with your period, IF you are. I wouldn't worry until your period doesn't show.
If you're NOT pregnant, you need to get on birth control if you're not already. You can go to your local health department, without an adult and ask to be put on the pill. It's confidential and it's the responsible thing to do if you're sexually active and not wanting a child. Also, use condoms. You can get those for free at the health department too. If you need anyone to talk to, feel free to message me. c: