15 And Pregnant Scared To Talk To Parents

I just found out that I am 10 weeks pregnant.. it never really occurred to me that I did have nausea and I missed my periods and I have been real moody and very very tired. My mom just looked at me and said I know what it is I just cant put my finger on it but she forgotten by now but I try my hardest not to be so moody and tired I get like 12 hours of sleep but im so tired by the middle of the day. I told my boyfriend that im pregnant and he cried...ummmm I thought I was suppose to be crying but I never did I just took it like a man. He told me he was against the whole abortion thing he don't like it when babies are killed so we were considering adoption but he was against it so he got mad and told his mom I was so pissed so now I have to take care of the baby I just don't know how to tell my parents that I am preggeerss!!!!! HELP
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Just know this. It takes 2 to make a decision, expecially a life CHANGING deciision of committing both your lives to raising a child. You have the right to your input of this decision and by you saying being stuck raising this baby, I am guessing that is not what you want to do. Like the comment below, there are so many people who can't have children that long to be parents and can provide your child with a wonderful life. I too am one of those people. So never feel stuck in your situation and stand up for your belief's. You are the one choosing life for this baby and I applaud you for that.

There are lots of people who would love to adopt, I am one of them! Please consider your options carefully<3