15 And Pregnant, Need Any Advice

i dont know how to explain this to my parents, the babies daddy knows and is very supportive of it all and has been doing research for the past couple days. my mother was 15 when she got pregnant but she is always telling me her goals and her goals are to get her girls graduated without being pregnant. i am her youngest out of 3 kids. i need advice on the care for the baby doctor visits, health, ect. i do not believe in abortion or adoption, to be exact if you open your legs any possibility is your responsibility. im scared of my mothers reaction, or my family turning against me. the babies dads family knows the whole story, but his parents aren't as strict as mine. if i could get anyones experienced advice that would be wonderful
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

I'm 15 and I maybe am pregnant am so scared anyway on jan -5th-2013 ??? ? ?y? boyfriend of 6 years had sex with out a condom ? he *** in ??? by mistake it was not a plan ? the thing is when we did had sex I was in ?y? most fertile days ? I was not even thinking of that ?
I am thinkin of taking a hpt on monday morning coming but am so scared ? if am pregnant am goin to keep ?y? ???? ? even if I didnt want to ?y? mother always speak to ??? ? say any time am pregnant I have to bring the child . I will let ?y? boyfriend knw the same day but I will tell ?y? mother the next week I want to have a healthy pregnancy not only for the ???? but for ??? to ? I wish u luck