Im 14 Yrs Old , So Why Do I Have The Urge To Want A Baby So Bad.?
My Mom And Dad Love Me But , Me And My Boyfriend Want A Baby . All The Girls Around Me Are Having Babys , And I Think Pregnancy Is ABeutiful Thing so I Was Just Wondering Why Is It Because Im Bored Or What I Need Ansers

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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Are you pregnant now?

It's your choice, it really is but you just gotta know what you want, yeah your young but So am I and I'm 6 weeks pregnant... But do know young pregnancy come with alot of complications that could result in a life threatening thing, I am currently going through it ATM because my doctor doesn't no if I'm haveing an etopic or normal pregnancy n it can kill me if etopic, I'm not saying don't have one because its your choice :) I just wanted you to know there are alot more risk of having complicated pregnancies while young :) but do what's right for u

I was the exact same and now I'm 16 and still wanting one, I'm glad I didn't at 14 looking back on it, so maybe you should really think hard and wait a few months or so