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i am 15 years old. your average teenager. i attend high school and have just finished my sophomore year. i have friends and an amazing family. I am also 3 1/2 months pregnant. Nobody said it was going to be easy. so i have no idea why i keep thinking it might be. During the past 3 months I've really realized who my true friends are. and i honestly cant think those people enough. I also came across the fact that there is  no better people than your family. They'll never leave your side. No matter what you've tangled yourself in. Me and my 16 year old fiance have decided to keep the baby.  But struggles make you stronger and we can get through this. I'm excited and scared to death. But praying to God I'll make it.

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Your lucky your guy is still with you.........

You are very lucky to have such a strong support group. Good for them.

Make a list up good and bad put in the bad list what you dont like about your life and in the good list what you like in your life you could be runing foor your life in a nother country cold in the rane and snow no food water mum and dad have been shot shall i go on things are good looking at it this way yes

I became a mom at 17. I also had the illusion that it would be easy. Girl, it's HARD! Hang in there. It's the greatest thing you will ever do in your life. Love that baby with everything you have. There will be times you resent your baby because you can't do what your friends are doing, or because you want to sleep, or paint your nails, or make a frickin sandwich. But the baby is a full time job. Just give it everything you got and know there will be time to do those other things in a few years. You will still be plenty young and these first few years fly by and they are the most important. Bond with your baby. The one piece of advice I got that sticks with me to this day was that after the first 5 years, the bonding time is passed. It's all damage control if you haven't established the bond in those years. Good luck young lady. You hold the power to establish the relationship you will have with your child. ;)

You'll be just fine. Best of luck

Good luck, love.

Family is a great source of support when it's a good, non-judgemental family. So many people go through the abandonment of their families, which happens for a variety of reasons.<br />
<br />
Many of them happen because the girl's family is religious.<br />
<br />
Well, if they were so religious, they wouldn't abandon her. So you're lucky, and I wish the best for you.

I'm only 17 with a baby on the way.. I'm scared.. especially since my fiance is going away to basic/training and won't be here in July when I'm due.. I'm going to be on my own for a while and that scares me.. I don't know what I'm doing.

You can talk to me :) I'll be a friend.


Your baby is adorable i know what you went thru im going thru it too.

I am 15 too, and possibly pregnate. You are lucky that you have the support of your family.

im sure everything will be ok.. i was pregnant at 15 and im now 16 have a beautiful baby girl clodagh shes the best thing to ever happen to me. just no that theres people there to support you.. always share your feelins with your friend its alot easier.. stay in school also.. i wish you the best of luck . . x

You are lucky to have good family, friends and a fiance. Many teenage mums arent so lucky.

i m sure that things probably are going nuts about now in your life . take the time to sit back and relax and pray kick back in a warm tub with candles and incense close your eyes shut out every thing and listen to what your body is telling you . think about the baby and you nothing else be quiet then you can handle more than you think . god bless you and the baby good luck to and your family .

i honest to god wish you the best of luck. i hope everything works out for your future family :)

as long as your family will help and friends and fiance im sure that you will make it through this little speed bump in life.

You will be just fine......I too was pregnant w/ my first child at 15 so I can relate to being scared to death and being hopeful for the future at the same time.....and I can promise you hon.....it was ALWAYS my faith that saw me through that experience and the rest of my life....Children are such a blessing and no....it wont be easy, but nothing in life worth having never is!!!!!<br />
Hang in there.....it will be ok......Faith and Love will see you through!!!! and good choices of course.....<br />
If you need a freind......send me a messege anytime!<br />
Take care of yourself and the precious gift you have been given!

im 16 and possibly 5 weeks pregnant , im going for testing in the next few days but im scared as to how to tell my booyfriend and my mother, any seggestions on how to break the news?

Hi, I'll admit straight away that I haven't been in exactly the same position before, but I have had to break other big news to my family. I think one of the most important things is probably choosing your moment wisely. I'd probably avoid telling them when they are busy or stressed or in the middle of something. I'd probably pick a moment when they'll have a reasonable amount of time to talk to you about it. I also think the place is important. Although I don't know you or your boyfriend, one suggestion I have is that it might be a good idea to tell him on neutral territory. If you tell him somewhere private, neutral and safe, then you both have the opportunity to leave if you need to. If you go over to his place to tell him, you might have to deal with his family at the same time. If you tell him at your place, you then may have to tell your mum straight away or explain yourself if your boyfriend reacts a particular way. I hope that my advice has helped you in some small way. Good luck with everything and I hope things work out for you.

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