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I Too Was Pregnant @15....i Understand What Your Going Through~

I was almost 15 when I found out I was going to be a mother.......I was in a relationship w/ a guy much older than myself (21).....being young and so naive, I thought we would be together forever, but....we weren't!

I wanted this baby so much that I even threw away my birth control pills to get pregnant.

But the one day when my wish became my reality....I was terrified!!!!!

I remember sitting in a chair watching a movie of an ultrasound and I just couldn't believe that a little life was growing inside of powerful and overwhelming......what a responsibility!

I was a young girl who wanted love and I thought......this child will fulfill my need for love....little did I know I would spend my life doing all that I could to fulfill his life in every way and provide him with the very best foundation  I was capable of giving, to guide him throughout his the angel he was for me~

He is 20 yrs old now and has a family of his own.....I am very proud of the man that he has become!

uniquelyme3076 uniquelyme3076 31-35, F 54 Responses Jul 6, 2009

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<3 love it.

How sweet.

a friend of mine is 15 and pregnent and her boyfriend is the biggest *** i have met. i dont know what to tell her. side note her boyfriend is dying of cancer he is also 19. help??

Beautiful story
Itd be intersting though if you told what happened to hid dad though : )

Awesome mom!

im 15 and´pregnet im with a guy much older than me to i thank god tho that he blessed me with a guy who truely loves me and wants to me with me through this <br />
i am right now across the country in peru while my boyfreind is home in united states working hard to give our chile that is due 22 or december the best life we can give our child i belive im truley blees so girls with there heads down dont worry u will be the best mothers even if u struggle at first just work your way up im 15 and pregnet and i can truley say im happy that god gave me this blessing that i can share with my boyfreind so that me and him can be truely happy he has even asked me to marry him i told him wait to ask me again when i come home case it was to sad for me to just listen to his voice while im all the way ove in peru i can truely say i found the guy i want my life with

I'm 15 & pregnant. i need advice please msg m or add me as a friend

I just found out I'm pregnant. I realize this was awhile ago so I was wondering how it was for you :) God bless

I found out I was pregnant when i was 15 and had my daughter 2 weeks before I turned 16. My daughter is now 2 and my whole world has tipped upside down. I wont say it is all bad, but luckily for me i have a very good support system.<br />
even when i was pregnant i knew that the father wasn't going to stick around for long...and low and behold, i was right. he see's her when he wants to see her and pays no support. therefore i am now a single mother. everything revolves around your child. nothing is ever simple. you can no longer just go out with friends on a limb. everything has to be planned and if your child is sick or fussy...guess what? you dont get to go out. <br />
I am not saying it is all bad, but everything is so much more difficult when you have a child especially while you are young and not financially or emotionally ready for a child. I have to say if it wasnt for my daughter i wouldnt be where i am today. i graduated school a year early and just recently passed my LNA exams. I have drive and determination because of my daughter <3

I am 15 and I'm going threw that exact same thing now. But, I don't knw for sure if I'm pregnant. /: I just know that I'm terrified, and don't know what to do.

All I can read on here 'mostly' is negative images towards teen mums. I have no problem with them, as long as they show love towards their child. I come from a very large family, my Grandma having her first at age 14, She then carried on & had 7 others. All of her kids started having kids at young ages also. which is how we've ended up with a large family, but because it's so large, there's a lot of support. I was only 15, But coming from a house with 7 other kids, & my mums actually pregnant with another. I know how to look after a new born baby, a toddler & a teen. I do it every day for my parents still. I have a boyfriend - before we even ever had sexual intercourse, we already had committed to one another, not by marriage, but with something that'l one day lead to us getting married, we have commitment rings, both of us, but parents 100% back the idea, because they can see how devoted we are to one another. Before my boyfriend & I have sexual intercourse we firstly discussed every possibility of what could come of it, & I am one day look forward to being a mother, & he so much wants to be a father. We had spoken about that, if when we did it, & we were to get pregnant, we wouldn't abort the baby, or adopt it out, & we wouldn't even want to rely on our family. He has a far bit of money saved up, from about the 3/4 month we dated, for when in the future we wanted a child, he's still staving to this day. We had our babies future planned out, while we were both still virgins. So no one could say we wouldn't be able to support a child, or love it. But that night, that both of us lost our virginity, at age 15, already being committed to each other, we fell pregnant - & I say we because we said to each other, even though the babies in my belly, it's still both of ours, so it's our pregnancy. We were both excited, the baby had a stable home to stay in, parents who could provide for it, without our parents help, & the baby had loving parents, we had our lives then set on our baby. Then about a month after we found out I was pregnant, I had the most heart breaking experience of my life, I went through a miscarriage, it was so painful, & I just couldn't hold back my tears, I had school the day I had the miscarriage & I couldn't even last a quarter of the day there. It broke my heart even more when I saw the reaction my boyfriend had on his face when I had told me, he, to me, looked lifeless, he had something so precious & within a bl<x>ink of an eye, he'd lost it, Even though he was hurting, he was still comforting me, reassuring me it was going to be okay, my boyfriend & I are both the same age, & I am confidently say were are a lot more mature then most teenagers in that generation, & what we went through, I wouldn't put it upon my worse enemy! Now to this day My boyfriend & I are still together, more madly in-love then we were before, & I think that heart breaking experience we went through together, brought us closer. When I was pregnant he was certain it was a girl, & he had a name for her 'Bella-Rose' I know he still misses his baby, because when he has his arms around me, he rubs my belly & He kisses it before he falls asleep. He has shown me he's father material. Which is why I'm hoping I'm pregnant this time round.<br />
<br />
What I'm trying to say, is most teenage's don't consider the responsibility's of sex, they just see the pleasurable side to it, But when a teen finds out they're pregnant, they're going to be in shock, & panic & not have a clue what to do. So Parents out there how has a son or a daughter about to become young mums n dads - support your kids, they'll believe in themselves more that they can do it, if they have your support.

I know exactly how you feel. I found out I was pregnant and lost the baby about a month later, as well. I didn't tell my boyfriend until I actually had the miscarriage, though, because I didn't want to worry him before it was actually necessary. If I were still pregnant today, I would be five months along--the baby would be visible and I would probably be putting a crib in my bedroom for her to sleep in. I was sure that for the month that I had her inside me that she was a girl. I named her Blakeleigh Ann, and she is my little angel. Like you and your boyfriend, my boyfriend and I became closer through this tragic experience. You hear people say that you've never experienced true loss until you've lost a child, and I definitely believe that is true: a piece of me was lost when I lost her.

You sound like you are very responsible and will be an amazing mother one day. If more teenagers were like you, there wouldn't be such an awful sentiment about teenage parents. Good luck to you!

seriously that's the cheesiest ending of all ! -_-" <br />
<br />
if u were saying the truth , why won't he raise ur own .. other than his now ?

seriously -.-'' thats the cheesiest ending i've read ! .. even snow white is jelous !

seriously -.-'' thats the cheesiest ending i've read ! .. even snow white is jelous !

I'm very happy to read this and know that anything is possible!

Hello.... I am going to be a little out of place here, being a guy.... <br />
<br />
I get what your saying uniquely. More than I would like to TBH.... I am 21, and after my first ever girlfriend last year, and the 6 weeks of greatness that it was, I have, in a way, been trying to make people love me.... trying to find someone who wants to be with me... I also, for what ever reson, have the desire to be a father.... ****, I look at my youngest brother (he is 8-9 months now) and think '****, I wish had a family of my own'. are hateful, but you have the right to your opinion...twisted or not, we have to right to disregaurd it as well....but thanks anyway!

Ironically, I was having just the same feeling in the other direction. <br />
<br />
And obviously I was not serious. I was pointing out the evil inherent in your belief in scientific materialism. Essentially, you are listening to people who are like magicians, except they are too blind to see that's what they are. Of course, a real scientific materialist would pity you for not being willing to murder your child. So, you are obviously caught somewhere in between.

wow u sound like a real *****....i feel bad for your loved ones.........if u even have any!

Wow, good point. You are pretty much just a baby carrier, right? Well then why should we allow you to work, or vote, or anything? And shouldn't you currently be trying to figure out a way to have a new baby?<br />
<br />
You are not raising your son better. This has been made clear by your sobering contradiction.

ummmm im sure he raising him better then i was raised. And besides even if he did, why are us humans here??>>>>>>>>to reproduce.....right? i guess ive done my job

... hopefully he won't impregnate a 14 year old girl.

wow!! this sounds like me. i was one month away from being 15 when i had my son and everyone siad so much stuff but really i think he straightened me out...if it wasnt for him who knows where i would be. Well now hes 6 yrs old and i have been on my own for 5 yrs, i have a full time job a car and i pay all the bills in my family. My son is very well behaved and i cant wait to see the man he becomes i know he will be just as amazing as he is now.

@Theapathy<br />
<br />
"your child DESERVES having the best chance in life they can get, and excuse me for being realistic, but, a 15 year old can hardly give a pet a chance in the world, let alone a child"<br />
<br />
Wow, I will have to let my 12yo daughter know that she doesn't have a chance in life because I had her at 15. Wow and here I thought I was doing well, graduated high school (on time by the way in a regular public school), attended post secondary, I make decent money. I put money in an education plan for her, I pay for all her sports... oh which she won gold in recently. <br />
<br />
I understand that things do not always work out for teen parents but I also know adults who should never have been parents and were far worse then I could ever be. I disagree with making such comments just because they are a teenager.

wat ever happen with u and tha baby do he pay child support.

I blame science for this, trying to convince everyone that there is no right and wrong. This is exactly why you are not supposed to have sex until you are married. Get it?<br />
<br />
The reason you aren't loved is that no one believes in loving one another anymore. It's a me me me society.<br />
<br />
This is also why I would never adopt. I would feel like I am supporting the industry of pre-marital (And I mean a well thought-out and working marriage, not the me me me marriage of Western culture) sex.<br />
<br />
@ uniquelyme<br />
Sorry, you were raped by a depraved man. <br />
<br />
@ lonelychick<br />
So basically, you want a man who will foot the bill and help take care of your kid even if you two do not love each other. Way to show that you are not willing to love someone.<br />
<br />
@ the girls who want babies<br />
<br />
No, stop being stupid. If I have to be smart, so do you.<br />
<br />
@ everyone else<br />
<br />
Yes, I know I am jealous. I deserve to be. These women are giving rapists and loser guys kids and making more rapists and loser guys. Sorry.

Thank You everyone for all of your comments and opinions....Im sure the diversity of what all of us have to say will touch someones life!<br />

Thank You everyone for all of your comments and opinions....Im sure the diversity of what all of us have to say will touch someones life!<br />

Yes you should be proud of yourself. Excellent. You are a good mother.

I became pregrant with my first daughter when I was 23. I was terrified! I can't imagine being any younger than that. It's good to learn that you came through it all!

I agree with Demol, thinking that a baby will solve your problems seems incredibly... naive (I wanna say stupid, but I don't wanna be too offensive, so, lets leave it at naive). And worse than being naive, is irresponsible and SELFISH. Why? Because you can't just bring someone into this world before having the tools to give them a decent life... My gosh, not even an amazing life, but DECENT the least, so that person can grow to be a normal human being! You have to stop and THINK about that little person's life for a second! <br />
<br />
I admire the people who brought children to this world at 15 and tried their best to support them and be a good parent. But, if you haven't done it yet, PLEASE DON'T. Don't contribute more to the valley of tears, your child DESERVES having the best chance in life they can get, and excuse me for being realistic, but, a 15 year old can hardly give a pet a chance in the world, let alone a child. THINK, LIVE, PREPARE YOURSELF, EXPERIENCE LIFE AND THEN BRING SOMEONE TO THIS WORLD IF THE TIME IS RIGHT.