We Shall Prevail(to be greater in strength to truimph)

 (To all the single young mothers you are not alone. Don't give up- look up- keep pushing-  We're going to win)   

Young mother

Young mother

 Crying out for help

Dying slowly from with in

Doin her best to win

Government checks runnin out before the week ends

Baby daddy runnin wild in the street.

While babies cryin at her feet

Beggin for food to eat

 No sleep

strength grown weak

feelin beat

defeated from the blazin heat

Walls cavin in

seems she just can't win

Growing colder from with in

hatin the life that she's in

 Tryin not to show it- but her patience growin thin

Babies growin older- they becomin men

surrounded by a world full of sin

she tryin to keep hope alive for them

night after night

her light going dim

as days turns to weeks longin for peace.

She begins to hear a voice- from way down deep- sayin don't give in

despite how it looks your gonna win- as for your babies- Don't worry I got them.-Jesus Christ saved my Life

 (Jesus Christ is a constant help in our times of trouble a safe place in our times of need. If we give him all our cares worries and fears he will keep us mind body and spirit in perfect peace. Jesus is a sure thing he is our strength when we are weak. When life gives us lemons we make lemonade. All things are possible to them that believe in Christ Jesus. He is the way the truth and the light. In Christ Jesus we have victory.)

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4 Responses Apr 10, 2010

Weird poem. My GF pregnant at age 14. Im confused

i know how you guys are feeling

I was very young when I had my first child. We struggled alot, today I'm happy to say he's great. At times I can't believe how far we have came, I look at him in total amazement. My children changed my life, They have made me a better person. Looking at them makes me want to achieve more. Children truly are a blessing from God sometimes it hard to see at first but with dedication and determination the struggle is worth it. My message to every teenager is to wait, I had to give my life for the betterment of my children's lives. Once a had children my life stopped and became all about them. If you are not ready to give up your life, to be a mother my advice would be to wait until you are prepared to take care of them(emotional, financially, physically etc...) Choose abstinence it could save your life. To all the teenage mothers keep moving forward the best is yet to come.

wow, how's your child?