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I'm 43 and my new husband is 52. We married in September and have three children between us, but none together. We started trying for a baby when we got married, and started seeing a fertility specialist soon after. We decided that at my age, we should try IVF most immediately with our own eggs and *****. With only 6 follicles left, they gave us a 5% chance of conceiving. I started taking the agonist drug, Lupron, to shut down my reproductive system so that I could begin the stimulation drugs as our IVF cycle begn. Unfortunately, my period was late and I was not conforming to their calendar. The pre-stimulation blood test showed a high level of estrogen in my blood and they let me know that they'd have to retest and confirm that it was down to lower levels before I could start IVF. I was disappointed. And then the nurse asked if there was any chance the high estrogen level was due to pregnancy... after all my period was also late. I agreed to do a home pregnancy test, just to rule it out... and it was positive!!!!! At 43 years old with a 5% chance of conceiving with IVF, we ended up conceiving naturally. I have a history of being very fertile and I had two pregnancies and childbirths that were wonderful and not difficult in the least. We also had my husband's ***** tested and it was great in all regards ("super *****" as he calls it) so we had no existing infertility on either side. I hope this gives hope to anyone out there trying to conceive naturally at 43!! Good luck to all.
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Hahaha, they blocked out the eord s-p-e- r- m again! Lol.

why do they block the word "*****?" Weird.

Dear Elizmoore25,<br />
Good for you! I am thirty five and have no husband or mate. I would love to have at least two children. But it doesn't seem that this will be possible now. Perhaps there is one miracle somewhere waiting for me. If not I will be content to have loved in my heart. Motherhood is most important thing in the world for women. It is purpose of life. Perfect way to utilize all compassion and creativity and love. I wish God will bless me too. I may not be deserving as I had abortion a year and a half ago. But I still wish.

None of us "deserve" all God's love, but He loves you anyway, and forgives if you ask Him to. He knows the desires of your heart. Ask Him for His miracle for you! You are very precious to Him.

I am 43 and pregnant. I googled 43 and pregnant and ended up here. I am six weeks tomorrow and a little worried as we have had 3 miscarriages prior. But I am starting to get a little nauseous so that is a good sign. I am hoping that I this pregnancy will be normal and I get to hold my baby in my arms this time. So if you pray say a little prayer for me. We conceived naturally also which was surprising to me as I thought I had stopped ovulating and then last month I did. So wow here I am happy but my hubby is a little freaked at his age. He thought the baby stage was over.

Hi, great news! I love to hear stories like that. I am TTC number 3 at the moment and am almost 43 (in 2 months)...I had my last baby at 38, no problems.<br />
My cycle is also quite regular, and so am really hoping it can happen for us. Thanks for sharing your story and giving me hope!!

Wow, that's wonderful! My situation mirrors your story. I'm 43 and my husband is 51 turning 52 later this year. We want to get pregnant too. We also have 3 kids between us. But we want to have a little girl of our own. Thanks for giving hope and inspiration. I got a check up a couple years ago at my ob/gyn and he said i'm okay to get pregnant. My cycle is pretty regular and I'm pretty fertile also. I had a sonogram and everything is good to go. Thanks for your story. I pray that we are successful too!!