Starting To Freak Out

It's getting close to D-day now, and I'm start to get really scared. I don't know if I'm coming or going. Because they're saying the baby is big and I have a fairly heavy case of polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid) going, my doc is leaning towards a c-section but will wait till the end of the month to measure the baby again before making that recommendation. And I keep hearing/reading that c-sections are overused in the U.S. and docs sometimes take the easy way out with them. My sister said it's definitely as easier way to give birth, but the recovery can be harder, and I hate thinking of vanity right now, but it is major surgery and will leave a scar. I also keep hearing the extra fluid can magnify the baby's measurements, and he could be smaller than he's measuring (though my doc said the margin of error goes either way, so there's also a chance he could be bigger!) He's measuring well above the 90th percentile. Whatever's going on in there, it's a lot. Then there's the question of whether the polyhydramnios is a sign of a medical condition in the baby, or could cause additional birth complications. Most of the time, they don't identify the cause of it at all, and baby and mom come through fine. I know I feel the baby moving a lot, so that's a good sign all around. I'm trying to stay positive, as I've been through most of my pregnancy, but my anxiety level is through the roof right now.

The bottom line is I just want my baby boy here safely, with the least risk to him, and to be able to hold him ASAP. Had no idea these last few weeks would be so hard!
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The scar really is the least of my worries rt now. His advanced sz and the extra fluid are the two big questions. And because I have heard from so many that a planned c-section is better than and emergency one, if baby doesn't come on his own by the end of the month and doc recommends it, that's what I'll do.<br />
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Thx for the best wishes.

Yeah. It's the anti- c-section crowd that's mainly giving me second thoughts. They have strong opinions but they're not the ones responsible for my care. Told my doc today i trust his judgment, and that's ultimately the advice I'll follow in the end. Like I said, I just want my baby boy to be safe.

Just try to stop worrying so much right now. Extra stress on you puts extra stress on the baby. Let the Dr decide what is best for the baby. Don't try and second guess the DR on this issue. They have the experience not you. Enjoy these last few weeks and then enjoy your baby. I'm sure the weight + or - will not be an issue once your baby is born. Enjoy this time and the rest of the time with your baby. They do grow up way too fast. Take lots of pictures since they change and grow so quickly.

Good luck. I hope mom and baby come through it with shining colors. I can tell you my second daughter was c-section. Her mother said she would do c-section again. But then she got a staff infection from vaginal delivery of my first daughter so her comparison might be a bit swayed. At any rate the scar is not too bad, bikini cut you know. Blessings to you and your son.

Thanks. I do believe he'll be here safely in the end-- it's just this wait now that's killing me.

Good luck! I am sure all will be well and that you will be so pleased that the next phase of your life is starting.