9 Weeks Pregnant And Dumped

i have 2 teenagers, met a guy last year, we had 3 miscarriages, im now 9 weeks pregnant and scans all ok so we were so happy, 2 days ago he decided the baby isnt his and put it all over facebook. his family dont like me even tho they dont know me so i wonder what he has told them. im so sad i cry all the time. i have not been near any other men so why is he doing this to me?? he has 2 boys he doesnt see already and i so want him to see this baby but he wont. what should i do?
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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

Now's the time to focus on your baby, not him. I wouldn't have the baby because you hope it will bring him back-- if he already isn't involved with his other kids, he's probably not going to change that now. Sounds like a deadbeat who just wants an excuse to walk away.<br />
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I know of what I speak. When I found out I was pregnant, I made taking caring of myself for the sake of my baby my priority. The truth is, my baby's paternity isn't 100 certain (my ex had already taken off on me when I was with someone else a few days later), and I've been honest about that. But the fact that my ex (who I had to tell of my pregnancy through a third party), doesn't even want to find out if it could be, says a lot about the kind of father he'd be. I found out he already owes 10s of thousands in child support for his nearly 18-year-old daughter, so I certainly don't expect him to step up to the plate even if paternity testing shows he's the father. The other potential dad first said he wanted to be involved if it's his but then disappeared, and he's not much in the way of father material either.<br />
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I know from the outside my pregnancy sounds like a bad Maury episode. His life didn't spring from ideal circumstances, but from the beginning everything about the baby boy I'm about to have has been a major gift in my life. That's what matters to me, that and raising him well even without his biological dad.