Single And Definitely Pregnant

So I found out three months ago that I am having a baby. Yeah congrats right ......well it's not too exciting when you are pregnant for the first time and your baby daddy isn't claiming you or this unborn's so sad that he is such a coward ....he tried to convince me to get an abortion by doing so many things saying so many things .....what a looser !!!!!! It's always so exciting in the beginning you start dating they are so nice then boom you find out about his other woman smdh .......the worst part is the simple fact that he tries to make you look bad when in fact he is the real looser !!!! I hope I can make it through this .......

Sincerely yours
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Been some months since you posted this, how are you doing now?

I know how you feel the father of mine has said all sorts to get me to have an abortion.
You are right your baby's dad sounds like a loser! X

Yup he is !!!!!!

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I went through the exact same thing and yes at first it sucks you feel alone depressed and abandoned but you will get through it all and in truth you and your baby are better off without that loser just find yourself a good support system surround yourself with positive people and turn the negative thoughts into positive actions for your baby you'll pull through :-)

Time to change your focus from the negative (him) to the positive (you and your baby). You can not control another human, but how you react will show the world what caliber of a woman YOU are. Take control of your life and begin the process of planning your world with your baby. This will take you in a positive direction instead of being sucked into his immature world of stupid.