Im Pregnant With My Second Bubz

hi all im a happy wife an a loving mum....iv been with my husband for 5 years now an married for 1 year this year on the 14/02/2010 we have a beautiful little son together which will be 4 in may my husband also has 2 beautiful sons from his past marriage which are 9 an 7 they live with us an iv also taken on the mother role to the 2 boys as there mother left them when they were little.I love my life an wouldnt give any of it up for the world my second little boy will enter this world on may 27 2010 so between us thats 4 BOYS....anyway im 22 wanting to meet or just chat to orther mothers about our precious little bubbas in my spare time (not that i get alot) i like to read get my hair done an cook .thank you for taking the time to read this an i hope to hear from you soon..

lovingmummy lovingmummy
2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

tryhappiness, maybe bordem and 2 meet new people.<br />
Lovingmummy its kinda scary how much i kinda have in common with ya lol. i've been with my hubby just over 4 years now, love him and my children 2 bits (boy & girl). He also has 2 children from his past relationships(boy&gilr), they dont live with us but do come round an spend the night at weekendz or holidays. GOODLUCK with your birth 3 months aint that far although when your preg it feels like years especially the last 3 weeks) X

if you are so happy, why are you on here?