More Than One? What Do You Think??

Ok, here's the deal; I'm 5 weeks (one month) pregnant. I look like i'm 4 months... People come up to me and say, "Are you pregnant?" (i haven't told more than two co-workers) I don't think it's just gas b/c it never goes down. I wake up, it's there. I go to the bathroom, its there. it doesnt go away.
This is my second child, but still, i shouldnt be this big.
There's no way i am further along than this b/c my body works like a clock. Last month my period was right on time, pms came and left as always...
With my daughter i didnt have any nausea. This time its REALLY bad.
What do we think?
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3 Responses Jul 20, 2010

I was thinking multiples too!<br />
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I was huge my first pregnancy and this one too! Not fat, I have a perfect round belly with the dip on the place where A guy has a "V" cut... You know? I am totally expecting multiples cause me and the hubbies family history. But it could just be that your big. Simple as that. Enjoy it!

Probably multiples, from what you're describing. I felt the same way with my first set of twins with my first pregnancy. But I'm 6 months with twins again so get an ultrasound. You won't regret getting it because you get to see your little one (or ones) and you'll be happy.

Go get an ultrasound done so you know why you look like you're 4 months along. There's a possibility that you have intra-uterine fibroids. <br />
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Right now, if you are pregnant, you will probably dread or regret any decision you make...<br />
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