Sad Day

Well, I'm not pregnant. No, it's not from an inability to get or stay pregnant. My husband and I decided to start trying for baby number 2 when he lost his job. Not only that, but it was my sister who let him go from her company due to money issues. I'm feeling a bit like I'm left with an ache and a whole mess of anger towards my sister. Not only that, but just before he was let go I took a job at work that would let me be home more with both babies. The catch with this job was less hours, and no benefits. That wasn't a problem when my husband was bringing in enough money and health insurance, but now we're scrambling to find ways to make it all work out. Now, I'm left with bills I can't pay, and maternity clothes I can't wear. I'd really like to not be angry about this anymore; especially since I'm mad at my sister and I am currently not speaking to her. I know I'm more angry about not being able to have a baby despite being physically able to, and I'm also mad that we got all excited to start trying only to have to stop. It's gut wrenching, and driving a wedge in my entire family. Any thoughts? I'd really like to get some real sleep soon!
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1 Response Jul 29, 2010

HONESTY.....but up front with your sister. Talk to her, let her know how you feel.<br />
Maybe she can let you into more insite on her side. I was 15 I got pregnant with my daughter. If I can do it, without my daughters dad. You can do it with your husband. and the support of your husband.