13 Never Thought It Would Be Me

Ok so I really didnt think I would be the one on something like this, but it looks like I am. Yay.(not really)Ok out of all the girls at a middle school it had to be me? Class presedent, head cheer leader, head of the school paper, star of my school choir and straight A student wanting to go to the best music school in new york. But that all changed for me on 5-13-11. I had sex with my 8th grade 14 year old boyfriend and i was so stupid to forget to get a condom. It had been 5 weeks past the day i was gonna get my period and sometimes that happens for me. I was going to the pool with some of my friends i was so happy because i had been grounded for a while for a couple of reasons that i just dont want to say, when we got there everyone started to take of their shirts and skirts. My best friend in the world amber came over and told me that i might want to keep my shirt on. And looking down i kinda agreed and i did keep it on.... but then my boyfriend came and he desided to take it off for me and the shame showed on my face, i just knew he was gonna say something... and i was right. "looks like mama's packin on the pounds" he said and rubbed my belly. I was so embarresed. After the pool all the girls(thank god) went for ice cream. But being the protective friend she is amber told the others to go without us and that we would catch up later. as we walked to i was guessing walgreens I had a bad feeling in the pit of my tummy. As soon as we got in the tore amber ran and tthen came back with 2 blue boxs and galon of rootbeer. She paid and draged me to the bath room. I took 4 tests one said - and the rest said +. I cryed in ambers arms for hours. I had no idea that something like this would ever EVER happen. Now everyone knows but my parents and my boyfriend and some of the girls i thought were my friends see me and say things like S lut, Slag and Who re. I dont know what to tell my parents. my mom wont be to hard but my dad... I've always been his little princess, pop star, dancer... I dont know what to say to him. and my boyfriend well he's just about to start high school. I dont want to ruin life for him and if i even tell him what if he wants nothing to do with it, then im really srewed... but for now i just have to do whats best for me and my soon to be baby. That is until school starts again.. then im gonna be living in H-E-L-L
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no you were STUPID to have sex at 13!!!

P.S. Well now that it's coming up 4yrs since you told us---- How is that innocent little child doing???

please try. I know what the child will feel having to live with knowing it was adopted. I think you should keep him/her and do your best. This is just gods plan for you, trust me.

it takes two to tango! dont worry about ruining HIS life, he should have thought about protection too. im 20 and 13 weeks pregnant. unplanned pregnancies can take you for a ride. believe me but they are blessings. talk to your parents, that is the best thing you can do right now. then take it from there. as for the girls who call you those hurtful names, ignore them, that is rude and insensitive and they arent your friends. it wont be easy but if you ignore them, they should stop. if you decide to keep the baby, he is the father so he will have to take responsiblilty for it. get a summer job, something to provide with the child, do not let him get off scot free no matter what.

By all means tell your parents... sooner rather than later... they may be upset initially, but will be your greatest support whatever course of action you decide to take... if you can, also find a school that supports teenage parents... if those girls are calling you names they are not your friends... my son was born just before I turned 17 and is the light of my life... I wouldn't give him back for anything... his father and I are still together 28 years later... be strong, and do what is right for you... my thoughts and prayers are with you... namaste

my daughter is little younger than you are ...but i love her more than anything and if she came to me and said she was pregnant i would just hug her and tell everything would be ok ..i would help her with baby if she wanted to keep it ...and if she wanted to give it away i would stand by her side .....think about the fact parents love their kids ....just tell them .....and see what happens ....prayers

Be strong an unplanned pregnancy is hard at any age. im 20 && now 9 wks pregnant unexpected and the dad knws hes just a douchebag but some guys are some guys arent. Its just as much his responsibility as it is urs. He shouldve had a condom if u didnt && he wasnt worried abt ruining ur life so why worry abt his? just sayin think abt it frm all corners. I'm here if u ever wanna talk support or whtever.