Pre-***....pregnancy?? Yikes!!

My period came on August 31st and went off Sept 4th. Me and my boyfriend had sex on Sept 5th unprotected. He pulled out when he was about to come but what i have notice about him he does a good bit of pre-*******. so my question is if he pre-came in me could there be a chance of pregnancy? last couple of weeks i have been feeling sick ONLY at nights (nauseous, wanting to throw up & while burping but it never seems to come out) Craving. Urinating more than usual. I have been cramping but it feels like period cramps but i have been told that could be a sign of pregnancy. So please can you give advice on what you think?? Thanks!! :)

aacp81111 aacp81111
3 Responses Sep 29, 2011

When is your period due, and after that time passes you can do a self check to see if its positive!

morning sickness is just a name it all depends on you it can be morning, nook or night sickness

You can deff get pregnant frm pre ***,,